Take the test: How well are you with money?

From billing chaos to old-age provision - what is your financial situation like?

Whether you are good with money depends on a number of things. For example, people who have their finances under control often keep records of income and expenses. So you always have an eye on whether it could run out at the end of the month.
Another sign that you are good at managing money is saving: Do you have an emergency reserve for unforeseen expenses? Have you already dealt with the subject of retirement?? Or do you prefer to spend every penny of your salary?
Your buying behavior also shows whether you are good at dealing with money. Spontaneous impulse purchases can be extremely negative for your finances if they happen too often.
You can find out whether you are good at dealing with money in this test.

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Women and money, men and money

In recent years, the topic of finance for women has come more and more into focus. Previously, most women had relied on their partner financially. Whether that's why there is still the stereotype that money makes a man attractive?
What do you think of the question "Does money make a man attractive??"says, you will find out in the following street survey!