How to make wooden furniture weatherproof - the best tips for furniture protection

On patios and in gardens, outdoor furniture has long since replaced the simple seating set. The comfortable outdoor furniture often has wooden frames. If there is no storage room indoors for the wooden furniture, they need safe weather protection.

Only dry wood can be protected

Before you treat the wooden furniture with wood protection, the furniture should be kept dry and warm for a few days. It is important to let any moisture escape from the wood and to ensure that it is completely dry. If moisture remains in the wood before painting, it will be locked in by the paint or glaze. As a result, mold can form, the wood becomes porous and the piece of furniture unusable.

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Glaze and varnish

A weatherproof wood glaze protects the wood from moisture and UV radiation. The glaze must be applied once or twice a year. The frequency depends on the length of sunshine and rain in the year in question. With boat varnish you give the wooden furniture the perfect water protection. Apply boat varnish in thin layers. Two to three coats of paint are required. This gives you a shiny surface on the wooden furniture.

Wood oil

You can find specially matched types of oil for the different types of wood in stores. With the oils you care for the wood and give it a certain protection against moisture. The protection factor corresponds roughly to that of a glaze and must be repeated more often. This varies depending on the product.

Additional protective cover or tarpaulin

There are protective covers for wooden furniture in stores that are perfectly tailored to individual elements such as armchairs, tables and benches. These covers are also recommended for glazed and lacquered wooden furniture. They protect the furniture from strong rain. An applied glaze or varnish remains under the protective cover longer and remains functional. Instead of a customized cover, you can also use a universal tarpaulin. It must be well secured all around so that it cannot come loose and fly away in strong winds.

Tips & Tricks Protect wooden furniture regularly from the effects of the weather. After a downpour, you should wipe the surfaces. Traces of moss formation must be removed. If the surface is permanently damp or rainwater collects there, find a new location for the furniture.