Magical surprises: 10 brilliant gift ideas for the unicorn fan in your life

Or maybe you just want to put some of these things on your wish-list yourself?

Are you still looking for the one perfect gift for one of your favorite people? Then only one question answered quickly: Does he or she like unicorns?? If you answered that with a loud "YES", then we can help you!

Whether magical fairy lights, enchanting accessories or cute everyday companions - with these 10 gift ideas there is guaranteed to be something for the unicorn fan in your life.

1. Cuddly on the go

These kicks not only look magical, they also keep your feet really warm and cozy. Therefore, every unicorn lover is guaranteed to be happy about this gift.

2. That brings light into the darkness

With small clouds and pink unicorns, this magical chain of lights shines for unicorn fans not only at Christmas time, but all year round.

3. Clean affair

After a warm shower, it is best to slip into something particularly cozy. This unicorn look bathrobe is perfect for this.

4th. Motivation is everything

We can all use a little unicorn incentive in everyday life! This poster is available in different sizes and is guaranteed to fit into any room.

5. Dancing in the rain

Rainbow colors, a golden horn and a unicorn-shaped handle - with this magical umbrella the sun comes out again in gray rainy weather.

6th. Unicorn bling bling

You'll get a beating! Those who like to wear stud earrings and are absolutely proud of their preference for unicorns are guaranteed to love these earrings.

7th. Magical coffee experience

This mug not only offers a great 3D design, but also has really magical abilities: When you add hot liquid, the purple mane of the unicorn shines in rainbow colors.

8th. The world needs more glitter

Protect your cell phone and be stylish on the go at the same time? With this mobile phone case with unicorn slogan and a cute chubby unicorn it is guaranteed to work.

9. Bake, bake unicorn

This cookie cutter has two advantages: On the one hand, the recipient is happy - and on the other hand, you may soon be looking forward to delicious unicorn cookies!

10. No more fear in the dark

Because wild unicorns cannot be tied with cables, this magical lamp works with batteries and lets every room shine in soft colors.

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