Mattress too soft: this is how a topper can help

Toppers are becoming increasingly popular and are intended to make mattresses that are too hard softer as well as to make mattresses that are too soft to be harder. In the following you can read what the topper can really do, what it costs and what to look out for when buying and using it.

Use a topper to make a mattress that is too soft to make it harder

In principle, the degree of hardness of a mattress can be regulated somewhat with a topper. So that this change is permanent and not only lasts the first few days after purchase, you should consider the following when purchasing:

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  • Buy a topper that is at least 6cm thick.
  • The topper should be significantly harder than your mattress, because the end result is the mean of both: mattress H2 + topper H4 = H3. You can find out more about the degrees of hardness here.
  • Make sure that the topper has good moisture and heat regulation.
  • Buy toppers with a removable, washable cover - preferably made of cotton or another natural material.

The advantages and disadvantages of the topper

A topper offers several advantages and is therefore becoming increasingly popular:

  • It absorbs moisture and prevents it from entering the mattress.
  • It regulates the degree of hardness.
  • Its cover is often washable and thus ensures more hygiene in bed.

However, the topper also has a disadvantage: Inferior toppers with poor ventilation prevent air circulation and thus cause heat and moisture build-up. To prevent this, you should get a high-quality topper with good climate control. We recommend a topper with a spring core or with appropriate climate bands. Gel or foam mattresses without climate control are not recommended.

Examples of costs

As I said, mattress toppers are made from a wide variety of materials. In the following you will find a cost example for each material.

Material model strength price
Comfort foam "Trendline Senso ", Badenia 5cm € 49.99
cold foam "Softly XXL PLUS ", f.a.n. Franconian pride 7cm € 69.99
polyester "Comfort ", my home 7cm € 79.99
viscose "Ilja ", RIBECO 7cm € 99.99
Gel foam "Aaron ", RIBECO 8cm € 109.99
Pocket spring core "Mega comfort T ", sleep well 8cm € 129.99

Source: Sleep, November 2017

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