Wall as a fence - what to watch out for?

Stable fences make good neighbors - they say. Walls are of course an option as a privacy screen and fence, and they are extremely solid. However, there are a few things to consider if you want to build a wall around your property instead of a fence. Read here what you should consider.

Burglary protection

At first glance it may seem paradoxical, but a high wall can not only deter burglars but, on the contrary, invite them to break in.

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In terms of protection against burglary, high privacy walls are often even counterproductive. They offer a burglar excellent cover and excellent privacy from the street side. This means that he can work on doors or windows with far more peace and quiet because he does not have to fear being disturbed.

Strictly speaking, you would even have to have windows and doors of a significantly higher resistance class, because burglars have more time and privacy. This aspect should always be kept in mind when using a wall as a fence. The risk of burglary in Germany is - and will probably remain for a long time - very high.

Legal situation

In any case, one must first clarify which structural regulations apply to the design of one's own property line. The following are decisive for this:

  • the state building regulations
  • so-called neighboring legal regulations in the respective federal state (except Bremen, Hamburg or Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, there are none)
  • municipal regulations
  • Development plans and any specifications contained therein

What is important is the term "customary local enclosure ". If something is no longer regarded as "customary in the area ", it can turn into a dispute under certain circumstances - not only with the neighbors, but also possibly with the authorities. However, the term does not appear and is not used everywhere.

Typical fence heights

How high fences (or walls) should be depends on their purpose.
Usually fences have a height of around 40 - 90 cm and mark the property line. In most cases, the necessary distance to the neighboring property is required to be at least 50 cm. In contrast, privacy fences or privacy walls should be at least 170-190 cm high. In many cases, this is even possible without any problems (180 cm is a frequent height limit for fences that do not require a permit). However, you should always clarify whether you need a building permit for a wall.

Tips & Tricks The same thing that applies to high walls is of course also valid for high, opaque hedges: What offers the burglar privacy protection can serve to significantly increase the probability of a break-in under certain circumstances.