Wall of natural stone are available in very different variants

Anyone interested in a wall made of natural stone has very different ideas about the appearance and type of stone. The options range from polished granite blocks to roughly hewn sandstone and natural field stones.

Wall types and construction variants

Many builders have dry stone masonry in mind when they want to build a wall out of natural stone. The more or less heavily processed bricks are placed on top of one another with mortar (€ 7.79 at Amazon *). Systematic joint courses are common, but they do not have to run symmetrically or uniformly, as is the case above all when using rubble stones.

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Another form of wall made of natural stone is layered masonry, in which the individual rows of stones have a fixed layer height. The layers can be interrupted by individual stones with a multiple height of the layer basic dimension and form an irregular layered masonry. A subspecies is the brickwork made of cuboids, in which all the stones used are processed equally on all sides.

Unprocessed and very natural bricks can be stacked in a gabion. The metal grid of the gabion is "filled up " with field stones, boulders or rubble. An alternative and unusual natural stone wall is the Cyclops Wall, in which large, polygonal, unprocessed natural stones and boulders are put together like a puzzle.

Natural stones for the construction of the wall

The following types of stone are common types of stone for a wall made of natural stone and are popular as wall stones in the natural stone trade, in gardening and landscaping and among stonemasons:

  • Granite in different types of processing
  • Sandstone with more than ninety percent quartz
  • Slate with professional structural implementation
  • Gneiss
  • Basalts
  • Gabbros
  • Field stones
  • Boulders

Fortification, stability and building permit

For the grouting or masonry of the wall made of natural stone, the fastening depends on the type of brick. The fixings range from stones bonded with mortar to glued or stuffed joints to loose layers and stacks. A back wall made of concrete is also possible, which is faced with natural stone that is attached to the back wall.

Tips & Tricks As with walls made of natural stone there is a risk, depending on the type of construction, that the bricks will loosen or the statics will not be sufficient against, for example, weather influences, you should always inquire with the building authorities and experts whether your building project is approvable and feasible.