My window handle is blocked

One or the other resident knows that: the window should be opened, but the window handle blocks continuously or repeatedly. Many people immediately think of adjusting the windows, but a blocking window handle can have different causes.

Modern windows

Most modern windows today are turn / tilt windows. This means that you can open these windows sideways in the normal way, i.e. pull the entire window sash inwards, or you can tilt the window downwards. With older windows you also have a lever that adjusts the rods for the rotating element accordingly.

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With modern windows, this is no longer necessary. The position "Tilt " or "turn " of the window is determined by a correspondingly further turning the window handle. But not always this window handle can be easily operated over the years. Many people, even so many craftsmen, now immediately thinks of setting the windows.

Construction and maintenance of windows

Incidentally, we offer you a detailed user guide to the window. The following areas are set or redesigned primarily:

  • Fittings and fitting
  • Windows
  • Scissor gear (at the top)
  • at the wing frame the right-angled position of the frame to each other (adjusting diagonal)
  • Setting the windows in height

A blocked window handle is not always a setting problem

This is where the problems often begin. All of the setting options are made when the window handle is stuck. However, in many cases the problem of the blocked window handle is accompanied by further functional restrictions.

The window sash can often only be opened or closed by force or pulling it up. Push the pull down into the window frame. It is not uncommon for residents to have to press the window handle firmly on the sash so that it does not block.

However, these functional restrictions can indicate that it is not just a matter of settings. In most cases you will be able to fix the blocking window handle. But only for a short time or not really perfectly closing. But then what is the cause?

The blocks between the window and the sash

It's easy to explain. In the window, between the sash and the window glass, you will find blocks. They differentiate between support and spacer blocks. Some carry the weight of the window or. divert it, the others fix the glass exactly in the sash.

Adjusting and fixing the windows using the blocks

Over the years it can happen that these blocks slip. Then the window hangs at an angle in the window sash and warps it with it. With the conventional setting of the window, the window may fit back into the frame for a short time. Nevertheless, windows and sashes no longer fit together at all. You can find out more about adjusting the window using the blocking blocks if you follow the link.

Tips & Tricks A window handle can also jam or block if the guides and moving mechanical parts are heavily soiled. Whether cleaning the window seal or oiling the window, these are all important maintenance tasks for which you must use the right products at regular intervals.