Operating the mini excavator - you have to pay attention to that

When there is something to dig, it is often difficult to make progress with a shovel and spade. With the excavator, you have a clear advantage, especially when it comes to larger excavation work. In this article you can read about what to look out for when operating an excavator.

Drive mini excavator

You can borrow a mini excavator from many tool rental providers. Anyone who has never worked with an excavator will often feel unsafe. We have therefore put together the most important tips and a few tricks for you below.

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Make sure that you are only allowed to operate very small construction machines without the appropriate skills. Be sure to adhere to these regulations.

Study the operating instructions

Operating instructions not only contain information on operating the excavator, but usually also many tips on correct digging. In addition, not all excavators are equally (well) equipped - the operating instructions provide you with everything you need to know about the excavator's equipment.

It is therefore always worthwhile to study the operating instructions carefully before starting work. In most cases this can be a valuable help - even if you could operate the excavator without instruction.

Driving in pits

Basically, you should find a level surface for the excavator to stand on before you start working. Such stand areas are not found everywhere - but that is not a problem. Many excavators have a dozer blade - with which you can usually create a level surface quite easily. If not, you can also use the shovel to help make an uneven surface level.

When driving into pits, be sure to use the excavator arm as a prop. This prevents it from tipping over. Always be careful with pits and slopes - many dangers lurk here.

Weather conditions

If the soil is very soggy and could break away from under you at any time, you should never excavate as a layman. This can be very dangerous, the excavator could tip over and you could be seriously injured.

Tips & Tricks As a precautionary measure, you should never attempt to negotiate slopes greater than 15%. That can be eye-catching with an excavator. Also make sure that nobody is near the excavator if there is a risk of tipping over - and of course no one within the radius of the excavator shovel.