Driving a mini excavator: You should pay attention to this

Mini excavators are also quite easy to operate for laypeople - once you have practiced it a little. However, it is important not to neglect safety when driving yourself. Read here what you have to look out for when excavating and how you can best help yourself in some situations.

Correct and secure stand

In any case, you should only work with the excavator from a level surface. The position should also have a firm ground condition, so that the ground does not break away under the excavator under certain circumstances. After days of rain, it is better to stop working instead of risking accidents.

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If you cannot find a level surface at the moment, in most cases you can easily make one yourself with the dozer blade. Laypeople in particular often do not do this out of convenience - which often has consequences. It is very difficult to excavate from an uneven surface and there is a high risk of tipping over.


Slopes are always a problem for the mini excavator. As a layperson, you should therefore approach all inclines and descents with great caution. It is recommended that you only drive slopes or gradients with less than 15% at all.

Where this is not possible, you should definitely use the buffer arm as an additional support. Turn the shovel so that it shows you to you, and put the arm possible right-angled at a distance of about 2 meters in front of you. This prevents the excavator from tipping and gives you more security.

For pits, they must be particularly careful: a pit contains a combination of gradient and gradient and is therefore a particularly big challenge for the excavator. Water-filled pits should only drive through, if you can be sure that no dangerous gradient is held in the water, and the water height is significantly lower than half the chain height.


Always keep people away from the immediate vicinity of the excavator and from the entire swivel range of the bucket. This is especially true for children.

Tips & Tricks Should the excavator ever get stuck, you can simply put some wood underneath (lift the excavator up with your arm) to get it going again. Also, always read the instructions carefully to become familiar with the excavator.