With the right wall design, small rooms can be enlarged

Small spaces do not have to work?. With a little skill, the right wall color, and the right furniture, you can work wonders. This guide should show you which wall design is ideal for small rooms.

Wall design with colors

White vs.pastel

Basically, light wall colors are considered to be magnifying, but it does not have to be the monotonous uniform white. Pastel colors are better suited to give small rooms that certain something.

  • If the room has enough daylight, cool colors such as light blue or turquoise are ideal. They have an opening and expanding effect.
  • While cool colors tend to have a clinical effect in rooms with little light, a light yellow brightens the room here.
  • Light gray tones have a very neutral effect, soften contrasts and give priority to other colors.
  • White tones, slightly tinted, have an expanding and limitless effect.

The ceiling surface, on the other hand, should always be lighter than the walls. It is best to paint a light strip below the ceiling. That opens the space up and has something of lightness.

Economical with strong colors

A strong contrasting color brings variety to the room, but should only be used very sparingly. An accent wall goes best with a front side, the long side is rather unsuitable.

Wall design with wallpaper

Like the wall color, wallpaper should be very subtle. Delicate, small-scale patterns are preferable to strong patterns or structures. If you still want to use a conspicuous pattern, you should do it in a similar way to an accent wall.

Stripe patterns can also cause a visual change by simulating height with vertical stripes and horizontal width. A special touch is achieved by attaching a photo wallpaper, provided that it has room-enlarging effects, such as motifs of the sea or sky.

What else should you watch out for?

Small rooms need low furniture or seating. Again, the focus is on bright. Colored accessories are definitely desirable as pillows or decorative elements. You just can't seem too dominant. The same applies to curtains, which are particularly effective throughout the floor.

Tips & Tricks Decoration, furniture and accessories look particularly beautiful when they harmonize tone-on-tone with the wall design. This creates additional width or size and looks very special at the same time.