With these 4 household products you will save a lot of money a year

Sometimes saving can be so easy. You don't have to go without much. A few strategically exchanged household products (which you would have bought anyway) are enough to save a lot of money in the long run.

It is popularly said that small cattle also make crap. If the costs for simple household products were extrapolated over several years, we would be amazed at the amount that would come together.
Then even soda is suddenly quite expensive. We have selected 4 inconspicuous household products for you, the purchase of which can save you a lot of money in your future.

1. Programmable thermostats

Most working people heat their homes all day long even though they are only there in the morning and evening. Quite a waste of energy and therefore money.
In order to fully exploit the savings potential, you should buy programmable thermostats for the heating. These automatically turn the heating down at the programmed time and turn it on again before you get home. So you don't notice anything and still have 8 hours of heating energy and thus saved costs.
Switching to programmable thermostats is not complicated at all: You simply unscrew the old thermostat head from the valve and unscrew the programmable one. Finished.

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Even better: Smart thermostats

The luxury variant: thermostats that can be controlled via an app. So you can turn up the heating comfortably while you are out and about, even with irregular daily routines. So that it is already warm when you come home.
Also great: You can create profiles according to which the heating behavior is controlled. For example, you can determine that the heaters in the bathroom only come on in the morning between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. and then only come on again in the evening from 7 a.m. At the weekend you can choose other times.
You can also create a different profile for each thermostat, theoretically for each room in the house. In this way, the heating can be really individually adapted to your needs and you only use what you really need to use.

2. LED bulbs

The purchase of the halogen lamp costs around € 1-2, of course, much less than an LED lamp for around € 10, but if you consider the power consumption of the lights, the LED bulb quickly becomes much cheaper.
Let's say we want to replace a halogen lightbulb that consumes 20 watts. Then, in order to achieve the same brightness, we need an LED lamp that only consumes 3-4 watts. So we save around 16.5 watts and thus electricity costs.

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With a burning time of 8 hours a day we would get 0.16 kWh for the halogen lamp and only 0.02 kWh for the LED lamp. Projected over a year (with electricity costs of 24 cents per kWh), the halogen lamp costs € 14.02, but the LED light only € 2.10. In our calculation example, we save € 11.92 on just one luminaire in just one year.
After 17.5 years, which roughly corresponds to the service life of an LED, namely 50.000 hours, you save over € 200. Light bulbs only have a lifespan of around 1.000 burning hours.

3. Soda maker

You should always drink a lot of water, but if you add up the monthly costs, that is a lot of money. A family of four, i.e. parents and two children, theoretically need 6 liters of water a day. So you get 180 liters per month and thus costs up to 90 € in the beverage market.
That corresponds to a price of 50 cents per liter. With a soda maker, the costs can be reduced to 15 cents. With the same consumption you would get € 27. So in our bill you would save 63 € in just one month!

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At the same time, it would also help the environment. Assuming that our sample family has previously bought their water in plastic bottles, they would have saved 180 plastic bottles with a capacity of 1 liter each.

4th. Dryer balls

Modern dryers adapt the drying time to the degree of moisture in the laundry. The dryer balls help to separate the laundry as it dries and thus improve air circulation. The laundry dries faster with dryer balls.
Experts estimate the time savings to be 6-25%. That may not seem dramatic at first, but in the long run this also saves electricity costs.
Let's say we have a normal drying time of 90 minutes. Now we're only deducting 6% of the time by using dryer balls. With 200 dryer runs a year, we would save the electricity costs of 7 runs. So we would in the year approx. Save € 12 in electricity costs.

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We would have saved the purchase price of the dryer balls after about a year. Since the balls last about 5 years, we have another 4 years to save money with the dryer balls.

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