Cleaning windows with alcohol is still up to date?

There are tons of good and bad tips on how to make windows easier to clean. A tip that is somewhere between good and bad is cleaning with alcohol. The advantages and disadvantages of alcohol can be found here.

Alcohol in the window water

If the windows are to be cleaned with alcohol, gloves are absolutely necessary. The alcohol not only dries out the skin, the seals and the silicone on the windows also age a lot faster, similar to cleaning with vinegar.

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Streak or polish

Depending on the hardness of the water and the window situation, a smeared window will quickly appear again after drying if the window has been cleaned with alcohol. Especially when the temperatures are high or the window is cleaned in the sunshine.

In order to get the windows completely streak-free after cleaning with alcohol, it is not enough to dry them with a squeegee. Elaborate repolishing is required to prevent streaks.

Plastic frames don't like alcohol

White plastic frames in particular suffer from the use of alcohol. They have a kind of paint or protective layer on the frame that is loosened by the alcohol. Over time, it is literally removed by the treatment, similar to a nail polish.

This makes the plastic frames receptive to dirt and discoloration. The porous plastic literally soaks up every stain.

Sealing rubbers bleed out

The rubber seals suffer from sunshine and temperature fluctuations over time. They are also damaged by alcohol. Then they literally bleed out. This leads to more stains and gray streaks on the window frame.

Disadvantages of alcohol

  • dries out the skin and seals
  • causes streaks
  • smells strong and unpleasant
  • Plastic frames will be damaged
Tips & Tricks Cleaning the windows with alcohol is simply no longer appropriate. The job is now much easier done with a little washing-up liquid. By the way, alcohol is very harmful. Especially when there are children in the house, you should avoid alcohol.