Successful prevention and control of moths

Moths eat unsightly holes in clothing and multiply quickly. In the event of a moth infestation, rapid, systematic action is therefore advisable. In the following you will find out what methods there are to get rid of the moths and how you can protect yourself against moth infestation from the outset.

What are moths?

Moths are a subclass of butterflies and fall into many different groups. The moths that like to feed on fabric fibers are called clothes moths. They are six to nine millimeters in size and have beige to brown, golden, shiny wings. They feed on animal hair and can therefore be found in bird nests, but also in clothing made of real hair. They are less likely to attack synthetic fibers or cotton, which they nibble on but cannot digest. Therefore, care should be taken with items of clothing that contain real wool. The females lay up to 250 eggs, from which the larvae hatch after about two weeks. These too feed on the protein keratin, which is contained in hair.

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How to fight moths?

Low moth infestation

If there is little moth infestation on individual items of clothing, you can first try to get rid of the moths with little effort:

1. Wash the infested garments as well as the adjacent at least 60 degrees. If garments are infested, they can not wash as hot, place them in the freezer for two weeks. Even the survival neither the moths nor their eggs.

2. Suck the entire cabinet thoroughly! Do not forget the corners!

3. Insert lavender bags or spray the cabinet with natural anti-moth spray to prevent newness.

Moth infestation

If the moths make themselves felt again or find them a strong moth infestation, they should grab more effective methods.

1. Pheromone traps

Pheromone traps are sticky paper strips that attract the males with a sex sky cloth. These remain sticking and dying. After a short time, the moths can not reproduce anymore. Here, too, it is advisable to wash all laundry at least 60 times and to put laundry that cannot be washed at such high temperature in the freezer.

2. Parasitic wasps

Probably the most effective method is the use of parasitic wasps. Ichneumon wasp eggs can be bought online or from specialist retailers. The wasp larvae sit on the moth eggs and eat the newly hatched larvae until none are left. You don't need to worry about an ichneumon wasp plague: when the moth eggs are all eaten, the parasitic wasps will die.

Prevent moths

There are several smells that the moths can't stand. These include, among other things

  • lavender,
  • cedar,
  • Swiss stone pine and
  • Neem tree wood.

A simple way to prevent moths is to fill small cotton bags with self-dried or purchased lavender and distribute them all over the closet. Not only does this keep moths away, it also smells good.
In specialist shops you can also get ready-made sachets which, in addition to lavender, may also contain other essential oils from the woods mentioned above. These agents are also available as a spray or oil.

Tips & Tricks Do not use synthetic moth papers and moth balls. These often contain artificial toxins that are also harmful to human health, such as.B. Naphthalene and paradichlorobenzene.