Multiple orgasms for HIM: How to find the Jen-Mo-Punkt

To give him the sex of his life with a practiced move - that is possible! Behind this is a sex practice that is thousands of years old and a mysterious point on his body.

The love game cannot actually last long enough for you? But so far it's over as soon as it has reached its climax? With a simple trick you can really delay this end. And not only that. Even multiple orgasms are waiting for HIM ...
What's behind it? A - let's say - special trick from the millennia-old Taoist love practice from China, in which pressure is exerted on a sensitive point. No wonder this point is often referred to as the "million dollar point" ...

This is how you find his Jen-Mo-Punkt

The mysterious Jen-Mo point is roughly exactly between the testicles and anus. You can recognize it by a small, palpable indentation. The best thing to do is to feel it while you are caressing and stroking it during foreplay. His surprise will be all the greater if you gently press this area as soon as he is about to orgasm.
If you have scruples about applying pressure on this sensitive area, tell your loved one about your plans and practice with them about where you should put your finger.

If you get exactly the acupressure point, it has what is known as an injection. Your finger pressure narrows his urethra so that the sperm cannot escape. Instead, it flows back to the prostate, where it is reabsorbed. During this injection he experiences an orgasm, but does not lose an erection. So you can still go on. And you can make it come over and over again through repetition.
Not bad, but the effect is lost: If you can't find the exact acupressure point and apply pressure too close to the testicle, their sperm may run into the bladder. It doesn't hurt, but the multiple orgasm effect won't work. Oh, and by the way: Of course, pressing the Jen-Mo-Punkt has no preventive effect. Semen-containing fluid flows even without an orgasm!

Great for those arriving early

Speaking of which: the acupressure point is also the best way to have it under control if it always comes too early during sex. Just see if you can curb him with it!

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