Nocturnal fears in children - origin, home environment, remedy

All over the world children feel threatened by the monsters under the bed. All those parents who remember their own childhood can confirm these fears. The important thing is how they arise and what responsible parents can do about it. How can parents as builders or tenants prevent anxiety in advance through planning or structural measures? How can they finally defeat the nightmare in the nursery together with their offspring?

Anxiety Development and Home Environment

The information portal Kindergesundheit-Info.According to de, the independence of children increases from the age of two, so that they sleep alone in the nursery. At the same time, toddlers at this age develop a flowering imagination. Come on lonely nights in the nursery

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before going to sleep as well as in the dreams of the children. The children transform them into concrete ideas of fear.

Therefore, old buildings are to be avoided at first. High rooms with walls in which water pipes gurgling or other noises increase the fears so that the children lie awake in them full of fear.

The same goes for all types of wooden floors, especially floorboards like those used in old hallways or as stairs. Anyone who remembers their own childhood will admit that the nightly creaking of floorboards or the cracking of wood can be terrifying. In general, parents should also look for a quiet residential area in which nocturnal noises (disco, pub, restaurant) do not wake the children from their sleep or in which not even the parents feel safe (crime).

First reactions, room planning

First of all, it is important for parents to take their fears seriously. Anyone who dismisses their fears with phrases or even laughs at their toddler harms them. When children call for parents from their room, cry, or crawl into bed with them, responsible parents should take the time to talk to them or cuddle a bit. If new parents are building a house and are considering the use, size and layout of the rooms, they should plan the children's room next to or close to the parents' bedroom.

A child's room does not have to be large, but should have few protrusions, angles or irregularities due to the listed anxiety states that usually accompany the child into preschool age. After all, every conceivable, invisible niche for small children is animated with monsters, witches, giants or goblins. But building measures, the division of the rooms and the aforementioned calming down of the child are not a permanent solution. After all, parents have to sleep at night too. So what can you do to enable the children to respond independently to their fears??

Light as a solution

Many of the fears arise because the child cannot cope with the dark. The uncontrollable darkness in angles, corners, under projections, in children's furniture or behind curtains is concretized as a fear fantasy in the perception of a toddler. One way is to give the children a flashlight that they can always reach by the bed. In this way, the toddlers can briefly shine in the corresponding room area and the threat is averted within seconds.

Another possibility is offered by illuminated pictures, which are available in a wide variety of variants. Small LED lights integrated into the picture illuminate the canvases printed with butterflies, birds or cars, for example (to be found at that can be attached to the wall of the room.

More specific tips

Parents should try to be good role models and not to model their fears (spiders, darkness) for their children. Otherwise they could be learned. When you talk to your offspring, they should name the ghosts and possibly also draw them. So the monsters can be banned.

Another popular means of protection against nighttime fear are brave cuddly toys that are always by the toddler's side. It also helps to read fairy tales or children's stories to toddlers. After all, these usually have a happy ending, and the parents' voice calms down. So the child can fall asleep relaxed and calm and the fears are overcome.