Necessary or not? The decoration of the rafter head

Anyone who is involved in the construction of a roof can choose from many constructions. Then the question arises whether the rafter heads should be visible and whether it makes sense to decorate them.

The rafter head

Rafter head is called the lower end of the rafter (at the eaves) if it is visible. In some cases this end is sawn off straight, in others it is slightly beveled. These shapes have their reason (for example, a slope should allow the water to run off better). Beautifully decorated rafter heads are very rarely found - mostly on half-timbered houses or in areas that are still heavily influenced by tradition. On the one hand, this is due to the fact that today people tend to build in simple forms, and of course decorated rafter heads have their price if you have them made by a carpenter. But there is nothing wrong with making the decoration yourself.

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Ornament shapes

When can you actually speak of an ornament?? Probably not yet with a simple slope. But even a cove or a curve give the rafter head a more interesting look. But more elaborate profiles or even carvings are also possible. The decoration can be limited to the extreme end of the rafter head, but it can also encompass the entire visible part.

Making ornament

To make an ornament, you need a template in the form of a stencil. If you are still looking for inspiration, you can of course use old houses as a guide, or you can simply look it up on the Internet. There are many possible patterns there.

The wood is best processed with a router, band saw or jigsaw (for narrow rafters). With a router, curves or small corners are possible, but large covings are better cut with a saw. If you are good at using gouges, you can of course consider decorating the rafter head with a carving, which gives the house a very individual appearance.