Gluing a new refrigerator seal: a repair guide

If the refrigerator seal no longer holds tight, it is no longer doing its job. It is there to keep the cold inside and the heat outside. Because it breaks, it gets too warm in the refrigerator, more condensation forms and the risk of mold increases. In addition, the food does not last too long, while the energy consumption even increases. Removing the old seals and gluing new ones solves the problem in a cost-effective way.

Is it hard to glue a new refrigerator gasket?

You don't have to be a particularly skilled do-it-yourselfer to glue a new refrigerator gasket. Basically anyone who doesn't have two left hands can do this job. Also, very little material is required for this repair, so you can get away with it inexpensively.

So we can draw the following conclusion: It is worth doing this work to save the old refrigerator with little effort. The following instructions will help you to carry out the mini project successfully.

If the refrigerator seal has only come loose but is not porous or broken, you don't even need to replace it completely. You can then leave out the first part of the instructions and simply glue what is there again.

How to replace your refrigerator gasket

    Warm water

    • Washing-up liquid
    • Ethanol
    • Superglue with a brush
  • Clean, lint-free rag
  • New refrigerator seal

1. Peel off the old refrigerator seal

First, peel off the old refrigerator seal completely. Clean the adhesive surfaces with warm water and washing-up liquid or alternatively with all-purpose cleaner. Then degrease the surface with pure alcohol. The alcohol will also dissolve the last of the glue residue.

2. Glue the new refrigerator seal

In the next step you can already glue the new refrigerator seal. To do this, brush the adhesive onto the surface to be glued, i.e. where the old seal was previously. Apply the product very thinly, but evenly.Go on step by step.

3. Press on new seal

After covering a few centimeters with glue, press the new gasket firmly into place. It should hold in just over a minute, then treat the next few inches. Caution: superglue hardens quickly!

4th. Close the refrigerator again

Before closing the refrigerator door, check for any superglue residue on the surfaces. They should either dry up or go away before you close the door for the first time.

Tips & Tricks Do not open the refrigerator again until it has dried for around 15 minutes so that you do not tear everything open again.