Never again bad purchases: These 3 shoe shopping tips should know each woman!

Have you also shoes in your shelf, in which you in love you in the shop, but that you have never worn or rarely worn since? A classic bad buy. We betray you the best tips for the shoes buy to avoid this in the future.

In the shop, the new shoes looked so perfect. Ok, 100% they were not comfortable while trying on, but they still expand themselves and then are guaranteed comfortable. Join you?
Probably we all have a few shoes in the closet, which fall into the category missing. Be it because you do not fit right or we can not combine them well. Buy these 3 simple tips for the shoes, help you avoid such misconceptions in the future.

1. Take your time to try on

See, fall in love, buy. This may work for some clothes. If you use this tactic with shoes, you risk making a bad buy. Because even if you know your shoe size exactly, that is by no means a guarantee that the shoes in size 38 will actually fit.
Because every shoe is different. The reason for this is the cut and the material used. While real leather shoes expand with wear, synthetic shoes remain more rigid.
The most important thing when buying shoes is trying them on. Take your time and test the shoes while standing, sitting and walking. Walk up and down a few meters. This is how you get a feel for the shoe.

2. Be critical with the new shoes

We all know it: if we have fallen in love with a pair of shoes, we quickly take a look over the pressing seams, the uncomfortable heel and the less than ideal width. It is well known that love is blind.
So that your new shoes do not eke out a living in the closet, you should be critical when trying on them. Pay attention to different places on your foot and check whether the shoe fits well.
When walking, make sure that your toes have enough space when rolling. A thumb's width is a good value. The following applies to pumps: If you slip your heel out of the shoe while running, you should try a smaller size.
In pumps that are too big, you would always claw your toes when walking, which can lead to pain and cramps. If you are in between sizes and the shoe is just a little too big, you can use heel pads or half-soles for tricks.

Also make sure that the seams of the shoes are smooth. Rough spots can quickly lead to painful blisters. This is especially uncomfortable if you want to wear the shoes barefoot.
Our tip for strappy sandals: Buy models with straps made of real leather. In contrast to synthetics, they adapt to the foot and therefore do not cut into it.

3. Goes to buy shoes in the afternoon

The shoe still fit well in the shop and at home a few hours later it pinches uncomfortably. So that this doesn't happen to you in the future, you should always do your shoe shopping in the afternoon or early evening. Because in the course of the day the feet swell slightly and become bigger and wider. If the shoes are too tight, this can lead to pressure points.

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