Upper arm of the dishwasher does not turn

If the upper arm of the dishwasher stops rotating, the typical causes are dirty nozzles or inlets. In rare cases, but also possible, there is a mechanical defect. Seals, pumps and bearings can impair or prevent their function.

Clean after dismantling

If the upper wash arm does not turn or does not turn sufficiently, all cleaning nozzles and the thrust nozzles at the two head ends must first be checked. All openings only work when they are cleaned and clean. Needles are a good aid for safely removing greasy dirt from the individual holes.

In the middle of the upper inner wall, the upper spray arm is mounted in a plastic guide with a rubber seal. Any contamination or damage to the bearing can block the rotation function. If no external cause can be identified, the spray arm must be dismantled according to the information in the manufacturer's instructions. A porous seal must be replaced, a calcified seal can be reinstalled after cleaning.