Oh dear, the washing machine hose is blocked

The washing machine's drain hose has to withstand a lot, after all, a few liters of dirty water flow through it when washing. Possibly. if the hose becomes clogged, you have to clean it. It's not difficult.

Clogged drain hose

A clogged hose on the washing machine means that the water is no longer pumped out of the device and the laundry can therefore not be spun dry. The washing machine hose shouldn't really get clogged because the lint filter is located between it and the drum to catch fluff and small objects. If the hose is clogged anyway, it may be that it is so clogged with dirt that the water can no longer run through, or that the lint filter is not doing its job.

Clean the drain hose

You can clear the blockage by rinsing the hose with hot water. To do this, unscrew the hose at both ends (you have to remove the rear panel of the device). If you have difficulty doing this and the hose does not come off, use a pair of pliers.

If the dirt does not come off, soak the hose in water containing detergent overnight and then rinse it again. If there is an object in the hose, you may have to remove the affected area. Knead and bend a little so that the part loosens.

Alternative problems

You can tell that the drain hose is clogged by the fact that the water is not being pumped out. Or maybe just a kink in the hose is to blame. Before you dismantle the hose, you should first check whether it is hanging straight.

If, on the other hand, the washing machine does not get any water, the problem is with the inlet hose. It cannot actually be clogged because clear water always flows through it, which means that the tap does not deliver any water.