Optical wood warmth in stone: tiles in plank look

Many people appreciate the decorative look of a wooden floor covering and at the same time the resistance and ease of care of a tile floor. All properties are combined with tiles with a plank look. The ceramic tiles come close to the original wood look and are also durable outdoors.

Types of wood and laying patterns

The great demand for tiles with a plank look has allowed manufacturers to create almost any type of wood and surface texture that is also popular in the original wood segment. Popular optics such as oak, ash or beech are available in a large selection and reproduce deceptively real surfaces.

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In addition to the types of wood, colors and textures, modern production methods also allow the imitation of all common laying patterns known from parquet. Tiles with a plank look can correspond to one piece of plank per piece or can depict several panels on one tile. For example, ship floor connections can be designed by laying them yourself or they are created using prefabricated surfaces including the incorporated joint imitations.

Tiles with a plank look are also available with a herringbone surface, can represent plank floors laid in parallel or simulate mosaic parquets. Pressing and firing techniques can also be used to create roughened surface structures that also match the feel of the tiles to the wood.

Prices as for other decors

As with all other decors, the prices for tiles with a wood look depend on the size of the individual tiles, the processing and material quality and, if applicable, the brand name.

  • Standard dimensions for tiles with a plank look are 15 by twenty and one hundred by 110 centimeters. The price range is between thirty and eighty euros for the square meter, as with fliesenstudio-meyer.de offered.
  • Individual product groups from various manufacturers often have the dimensions that are only valid for this manufacturer, which depicts a floorboard on a tile and is available from 18 euros per square meter. You can find examples at fliesen24.de.
Tips & Tricks With underfloor heating, the tiles with a plank look achieve the same foot warmth as original parquet, but have significantly better energy values due to the better conductivity of the tiles.