Optical warmth combined with ceramic hardness: the parquet tiles

Parquet floors made of wood radiate a dignified and cozy atmosphere. Dark woods in particular are very sensitive to scratches, and moisture and water can also damage the wood. Modern parquet tiles without these problems look deceptively similar to wood today.

Heat transmission and resistance

With modern production technologies, ceramic tiles can be produced with surfaces that look like wood, imitating different types of wood and showing different laying patterns.

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The heat transfer of ceramics is significantly higher than that of wooden parquet or laminate. Laying parquet tiles saves energy when laying on underfloor heating, as the heat output of the heating loops penetrates almost unrestrictedly to the surface.

The fired parquet tiles are harder than wood and are less sensitive to mechanical loads such as office chair castors or wheelchairs. Objects such as walking aids or the extreme stress on the surface from, for example, children's companions such as a bobby car cannot damage parquet tiles.

All trees for the same price

The common types of wood that are used in parquet construction are all available as parquet tiles. Decors in maple, oak or ash are offered in plank or panel shapes as well as in ship floor designs or herringbone patterns. Very expensive types of wood such as the tropical Bangkirai or high-quality olive and cedar wood are also offered at the same price as other trees.

As a guideline, a square meter price of around forty euros can be assumed. All wood decors are available in the price range between thirty and fifty euros and the parquet tiles can also represent antique looks or special designs such as that of bog oak.

Good examples of online offers

A good overview with detailed illustrations of the possible variety of products for parquet tiles can be found at kerana.de to find. Almost a hundred decors are on fliesen24.de listed and going to the nearest hardware store can be worthwhile.

Tips & Tricks Depending on the product, ceramic wood decor is also suitable for outdoor use. So garden paths or pool bands can be fastened permanently and stable without interrupting the natural expression of the green area.