Driving bread crumbs - the man's dream

In our article we show you where you can drive a bulldozer without restraint and fulfill your dream, and where you can learn to drive professionally. In addition, what skills you need as a full-time caterpillar driver on construction sites.

Men's playgrounds

Anyone who would like to know what it feels like to sit in a bulldozer or a bulldozer and really accelerate, can experience this event outside of construction sites.

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On so-called men's playgrounds, you can try out what such a power pack of construction machinery feels like when you step on the gas. In addition to an introduction, realistic environments from the opencast mine are offered, in which you can test the heavy equipment in real use. So that nothing happens, you are always accompanied by an experienced instructor.

The prices for this real men’s experience are not exactly low: an hour of driving a bulldozer costs around 120 EUR at most “men's playgrounds ”, more than two hours are rarely offered anywhere. For many, the experience is definitely worth it.

In most cases, the adventure shows only take place on weekends in the warm season, usually between April and October. That is why there can be a tight deadline here and you have to wait quite a while for your experience - and book early enough.

Who is allowed to drive the bulldozer?

A few restrictions are usually made by the organizers:

  • you have to be at least 14 years old
  • the height must be at least 1.50
  • one must not have any handicaps and should not have severe physical limitations

Driving license for bulldozers

If you want to deal professionally with such construction machines and want a serious job out of men's fun, you should strive for an appropriate driver's license.

Which class of driver's license you need for this depends on the theoretical maximum speed that the bulldozer can reach. As a rule, however, this will be a class L driver's license - in the rarest of cases, a class T driver's license. However, this only applies if these devices are used in traffic.

Anyone who only travels to construction sites only needs a driver's license for earth-moving machines, which can be acquired in appropriate training courses. The duration of the training is around 3 - 5 days.

Tips & Tricks Those who work in the relevant professions can significantly improve their professional qualifications with such training - for example a driver's license for earth-moving machines. This can often be worthwhile.