Perfect for underfloor heating: tiles with a plank look

Underfloor heating is spreading more and more. With tiles in a plank look, you can bring the comfort of a wood look together with the excellent thermal conductivity values of tiles into your home. No wooden floor can match the energy efficiency and warm-up speed of tiles.

Thermal conductivity compared to wood

In times of high energy prices and increased environmental awareness, energy consumption in the home is playing an increasingly important role. In particular, the optimized utilization of heating energy can leverage great savings potential. With underfloor heating, the heat permeability of the floor covering above is crucial.

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As a rough rule of thumb, floors made of wood have three to five times poorer thermal conductivity than tiles. On the one hand, this influences the speed with which a room is heated to the desired comfortable temperature and, on the other hand, the constant consumption of heating energy.

Other advantages over wood

  • The choice of decors and types of wood is unlimited, as the visual design of the tile surfaces has no effect on the thermal conductivity.
  • Depending on the type and thickness of the tile, the heat is stored for some time even after the heat supply has been switched off.
  • The "foot warmth" is given and when the outside temperature is cool, the warmth of footsteps can always and quickly be regulated with the slightest amount of heat.
  • Professionally laid tiles with a plank look are completely insensitive to moisture and water, which makes them the ideal floor covering or wall cladding in wet rooms when wood decor is desired.

Price ranges and examples

  • At the tiling studio-meyer.DE Are tiles in floorplace optics available for the floor from about forty euros per square meter.
  • Cheap wall tiles from twenty Euro per square meter offers catalog diebliesonline.COM, whereby the abrasion class IV excludes the soil laying.
Tips & tricks The larger the area of the laid tiles in floorplace optics, the less likes many people a dull optics. The stronger the tiles are structured, the stumbers acts the overall appearance.