Powernap: THEREFORE you should go to sleep in your lunch break from now on

Sleeping in the office is frowned upon - but completely wrong! Why small naps during the lunch break improve performance and how you can power nap discreetly.

Usually it occurs shortly after the lunch break, the low performance. The tasty but difficult to digest food lies in the stomach. There is not enough energy left for the head. Most people suppress the desire to just lie down and take a nap. Because sleep at work? Nobody does that.

In fact, it would make a lot of sense for employers to explicitly allow small naps. And maybe even set up a relaxation room. As sleep researchers have known for a long time, the ten to twenty minute power nap can enormously increase concentration and promote health.
Here at Amazon you can order the book "Powernapping - Smart pauses with great success " which explains exactly how power napping works.

Power napping: That's why you should take a nap in the office

The short nap after the lunch break not only increases performance and concentration. It also promotes stress relief, thereby lifting the mood and the overall mood in the office. For health benefits, regular power naps even improve the way the heart, brain, and breathing work together.

Fehlfoliter present as the best time for a short lunch baffle between 13 and 16 clock - depending on how the individual working hours look. However, you urgently note that you never notice more than 20 minutes. Otherwise, you can slip into the deep sleeping phase, from which you would wake up extremely in the middle of the day. Then still to provide performance is almost impossible.

A relaxation room fights prejudices about sleeping in the office

While smoking breaks are now socially accepted, it looks very different with small nap in the workplace. If you want to make your eyes for a moment to relax, you have to expect leaning eyes.
Companies should explicitly allow Powernaps for the benefits described above. In order to break down prejudices about taking a nap in the office, companies should set up a special relaxation room.
A couple of loungers and dimmed lights are completely sufficient for such a retreat. If a higher budget is available, massage chairs, sleeping masks and headphones with relaxation programs are also conceivable. Companies that have set up a relaxation room report that many employees are already using the rooms.

Discreet nap at work - even without a relaxation room

If there is unfortunately no or no relaxation room at your workplace, you do not have to go without your afternoon nap. If you work in an open-plan office, you don't have much choice but to book a meeting room for 20 to 30 minutes or use the toilet.
Depending on how your colleagues and your boss feel about power napping, you can also just sleep at your workplace. Cushions with recesses for the face and two holes for the arms even offer a little privacy. You can order one here at Amazon.

People with individual offices, on the other hand, are lucky. Just hang a "Do not disturb " sign on your door and make yourself comfortable, for example, on the funny folder-shaped pillow that you can order here from Amazon.

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