Price for fiberglass wallpaper very variable

The very stable and durable fiberglass wallpaper has a wide price range. While individual rolls with a length of 25 meters are not available for less than thirty euros, the price with decorative fabrics can rise to 150 euros per roll.

Same features at every price

Glass fiber wallpaper is also offered under the names glass fabric, glass fleece or glass fiber fabric. The high stability and tensile strength make the glass fiber wallpaper particularly interesting for walls that are subject to heavy use. It is used in many public buildings.

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Fiberglass wallpapers in all price ranges have the same basic properties. In addition to their tensile strength, they are dimensionally stable when wet, cannot rot and can be repainted several times. In addition, they are particularly suitable for allergy sufferers, since no dust adheres to their surface and wiping them with a damp cloth is not a problem.

Price ranges and features

The cheapest roll prices start from thirty euros. The 25 meter long rolls are standard one meter wide. The decor is neutral and white. A selection of different fabric structures, two-tone patterns or colored fiberglass wallpaper starts from around fifty euros per roll.

The price varies depending on the structure and weave of the glass fibers in the glass fiber wallpaper. For roll prices of up to fifty euros, the fabric structure is uncoated and pre-pasted. In the higher quality range for products from around eighty euros per roll, decors in jacquard patterns are offered. Glass fleece in the high price ranges create optical effects such as metallic or glass glitter.

Calculation tips for the purchase

  • The higher quality the fiberglass wallpaper is, the higher the weight per square meter is normally. More expensive special glue and the higher consumption must be taken into account.
  • Almost all fiberglass wallpapers are offered with the standard width of one meter in 25 and 50 meter rolls. Often the longer rolls of the same wallpaper per square meter are cheaper.
  • The highest quality fiberglass wallpapers cost up to 300 euros per roll and are suitable, for example, for hospitals or medical practices. For a private household, roll prices of up to 150 euros per roll are sufficient.
Tips & Tricks Pre-colored fiberglass wallpapers are offered at significantly higher prices than variants with a neutral white transparent color. Compare the price of pre-colored products with the cost of painting with glaze or latex paint.