Prices for concrete paving stones

The vast majority of concrete paving stones are available for material prices between ten and 25 euros. For the professional laying of concrete pavement, including the laying of a pavement bed and the grouting, ten to forty euros per square meter must be expected. In addition, there are additional work such as the creation of edging, the installation of water drains and manhole covers and the possibly necessary preparation of the floor under the concrete pavement bed. You have to make sure that all ancillary expenses are taken into account when making a cost estimate, as these make up a huge proportion of the total costs. The price of transport or delivery must also be calculated in advance. You should have clarified factors such as delivery quantity, travel distance and increased effort when unloading due to the distance between the unloading and assembly location.

As a rule of thumb, the total costs can be divided into three

If you want to have a concrete pavement laid, you should roughly assume that the total costs will be one third. The two main groups are material and labor costs and "Other " is to be assessed as a similarly high proportion. For example, you can assume that when you use paving stones for twenty euros per square meter, your entire concrete pavement will end up being around sixty euros. Of course, the proportions can shift. If you choose very small paving stones or want more sophisticated laying patterns, the working time can make up half of the costs. You should leave a complex preparation and the excavation of a subsoil and soil, possibly even with the necessary drainage, outside of your calculation for your concrete pavement. Sometimes this work is not carried out by the paving company, especially when large amounts of soil are being moved. In this case, pay attention to the costs incurred for disposal such as containers for transport.

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Interlocking stones can be laid with the help of a machine

If the paving work for your concrete pavement is done with composite blocks, the labor costs can be reduced. Bone stones, grass pavers or other composite paving stones can be laid quickly and can even be carried out partially mechanically with special laying machines. In the case of individually laid rectangular, round or differently shaped concrete paving stones, manual work must be taken as a basis. The majority of concrete pavers ranks at total prices of sixty to 150 euros per square meter.