Prices for laying paving stones

The time factor plays an enormous role in determining the price of a plaster. The laying of concrete paving stones can be done quickly due to the precise dimensions of the individual stones and can even be carried out with the help of a machine. With natural stone and clinker paving, only manual work is possible, which takes considerably more time. The paving is carried out by trained road builders or gardeners specializing in gardening and landscaping. For small pavers, there is the specialized job description of small pavers.

Concrete paving stones are the cheapest option

As a guide price, you can expect pure laying costs of ten euros per square meter or more when laying concrete paving stones. In addition, there is the step of grouting and jogging, which adds another euro to the account. If you have a very large and easily accessible area paved, the use of paving machines can reduce costs. For paving work, the price per square meter drops for larger areas, since the apportionment costs are less and less the more square meters are used. Several information portals on the Internet set the price range of thirty to sixty euros per square meter as the base size for an area of at least fifty square meters. Information on pricing and target prices can be found on the website of the provider zangl-gartengestaltung, for Lower prices are possible for very large areas with several hundred square meters that can be laid completely by machine. One example are the offers under road construction

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Laying natural stone and clinker brick can be expensive

Simpler plaster bandages with rectangular or square natural stones are given by many suppliers in square meter prices. As a guideline, the price range of fifty to one hundred euros is common, as long as no jewelry associations such as circles, arcs or ornaments are included in the laying pattern. In the case of complex laying patterns, the price is often calculated on an hourly basis by gardeners and landscapers. In this case you should agree on a maximum time deviation in advance or, best of all, try to negotiate a flat rate for the paving work. Prices in excess of one hundred euros per square meter of paving are definitely too expensive.

Author: Stephan Reporter