Overview of prices for slate panels

The natural stone slate impresses with its elegant appearance and resistance to wind and weather. The price is made up of factors such as the mining area, the transport route and, above all, frost resistance. Further processing such as the smoothly sawn underside and sanded or brushed surfaces also influence the price.

Price factors

As beautiful as slate is, the rock is so delicate. Dark slate is usually used as the stone. The mining of the clay-containing slate is complex, as slate blocks can be broken mechanically, but the slate slabs that can ultimately be used are split by hand. There is a scratch sensitivity that requires a careful transport.

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Another important factor in price formation is the processing. The Peacock slate plates have a natural uneven surface on both sides. The lower purchase price can be equalized by the higher laying effort, as the substructure must be compensated. The higher price for slate plates with just seduced bottom, the calibrated products, can save costs when laying. If the entire construction height of the slate covering is low, usually calibrated slate plates must be selected.

Frost resistance & usual sizes

Many slates are not frost-proof and must be specially tested. The slates classified as frost-resistant in this way are more expensive than untested specimens. An additional impregnation also protects the slate from the effects of moisture and condensation.

Slate tiles have an average thickness of three centimeters and are therefore significantly thicker than slate tiles. Common dimensions are thirty by sixty, forty by sixty or sixty by sixty centimeters. Elongated rectangles with a width of less than ten centimeters are also common. Most manufacturers indicate their prices per piece or in running meters.

Prices of selected providers (as of 2013)

Slate slabs for outside
Gray, calibrated 60 x 60 cm wieland natural stone.com 41 EUR / sqm
Gray 40 x 60 cm jonastone.de 52.80 EUR / sqm
Slate panels for indoor use
Gray 20 x 20 cm franking materials.de 24 EUR / sqm
Black 50 x 8 cm natural stone shipping.com 6.60 EUR / running meter

Most of the time there are minimum order quantities

Most manufacturers and dealers of slate sheets ask for price surcharges for so-called small quantities. The limit is most often set to twenty square meters, so that you have to check the price information carefully for smaller areas. For this purpose, packaging flat rates can be charged per pallet, for example, and shipping or delivery is added to the material price. Transportation can cost over fifty percent of the material price.