Price list for concrete paving stones

The prices also vary according to the large number of different concrete paving stones. The majority of concrete paving stones cost between eight and twenty euros per square meter. If complex manufacturing processes and post-processing are carried out, prices per square meter of up to a hundred euros can be possible. The prices increase, especially for pavement associations with representative motifs and patterns such as ornaments, mosaics or reliefs, and concrete paving stones with these properties are often combined with cheaper surface solutions.

Composite concrete pavers are the cheapest

The price list of the concrete works includes the lowest prices for concrete paving stones in the area of composite stones such as bone stones or honeycomb hexagons. You can find examples on the Internet at haba or under heuchert concrete The individual concrete paving stone shapes are listed with illustrations on both price lists, which can be downloaded in PDF file format. In addition to the square meter prices for the whole stones, it is important for your calculation to also include the half and starting stone prices. Then there are the curbs and borders, which, in addition to the concrete paving stones, have a major influence on the total price. If you want to get quotes for a concrete block pavement, it is good preparation to use one of the sample price lists to create a requirements list for your own project. In this way, you can receive an individualized price list as an offer, in which no costs were accidentally forgotten or overlooked.

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Have combined prices resolved

When getting a quote, you should make sure that the individual building materials, materials, services such as travel and transport and the manual work are listed separately. Only if you can compare price lists with one another will the objective value of the offers be revealed to you. Especially in the field of concrete paving stones, laying and material costs are often shown as one item on the price list. In the case of price lists for concrete paving stones, you should also pay attention to whether the prices are shown with or without VAT. Also important is the "fine print " in which the conditions and costs are set for transport. Since concrete paving stones have a tremendous weight, inappropriate transport costs can be made the favorable material price from the price list to an expensive offer.