Price comparison for bamboo parquet

Bamboo parquet is available on the market in different qualities and therefore also in different price ranges. For example, the goods differ in their material thickness and in the type of pretreatment by the manufacturer.

Bamboo flooring: price depending on quality

Bamboo is glued in several layers when it is processed into parquet. Thick blocks of material are of course more expensive than thin grades. The price of the bamboo flooring is also determined by whether a practical clip device has already been incorporated and the surface has been sealed.

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From a price of about 20 euros per sqm upwards is a bamboo parquet in the raw state to buy. These are goods, which of course already glued in layers, but not sealed or provided with a fastening system.

A prefabricated parquet with clip device can easily cost twice as much as a crude parquet, sometimes more. Industrial parquet in block shape is about 30 to 35 euros.

When buying your parquet floor, pay attention to a large use layer and possibly on the suitability for underfloor heating. The Brinell hardness gives you information about the degree of hardness of the material and thus also about durability. Do not save too high quality!

In order to calculate the final price of a finished and sealed raw parquet, you need the price per square meter for the floor covering and the prices for glue, sealing material and joint filler. If you do not lay your parquet yourself, the craftsman's wages will of course also be added.

  • 1. Thick bamboo parquet in its raw state: 25 euros per square meter
  • 2. Parquet glue: 8 euros per square meter
  • 3. Joint filler: 12 euros per tube
  • 4th. Wood oil for sealing: 100 euros per 5 liter container
  • Total price for 30 sqm: 1126 euros

High cost savings when doing your own work

Since a lot of work is involved in laying raw parquet, it makes sense to do it yourself in order to save costs. Those who specifically follow instructions will manage this even without any technical training.

Tips & Tricks Carefully compare the prices for bamboo flooring, glue and sealing material on the Internet: relatively large fluctuations are possible here. Make sure, however, that you do not buy "cheap ", but purchase materials of high quality at the best price.