Inexpensive, decorative and quickly laid: balcony tiles made of plastic

For many people, the question arises as to how they can upgrade the balcony of their rented apartment or apartment building without having to choose a permanent and, above all, expensive flooring. Plastic balcony tiles are inexpensive, laid within minutes and just as quick to dismantle.

Optics and support technology

Apart from the uncomfortable appearance, the usual balcony floors made of concrete or steel are cold to the feet and sensitive to stains. With their click technology, balcony tiles made of plastic can remove these restrictions within a few minutes. Corrugated colored strips or strips in imitation wood usually cover the previous balcony floor combined into squares.

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The distance to the floor is constructed using a grid-shaped substructure or special support accessories such as connecting crosses or support bearings, which enable ventilation and good drying of the balcony floor and balcony tiles. The plastic is easy to cut and is simply laid out without any effort and laid out tile by tile using a click connection.

Types of plastics and decors

The abundance of different plastics enables the selection of very different looks, imitations and colors for the balcony tiles.

  • Single-colored balcony tiles with corrugation as slip resistance in an obvious plastic look with a slightly rubber-like appearance.
  • Individual strips arranged parallel or symmetrically in a circle, which form different laying patterns due to the different joint courses.
  • Balcony tiles with a seamless, continuous surface, usually with optical side skirts, which hide the substructure and convey a solid slab look.
  • Long plastic strips, which together give the balcony tiles the look of a plank floor.
  • Surfaces with grid shapes that can range from linearly arranged slots or circles to ornamental interweaving
  • Closed surfaces with printed imitation wood in different construction patterns of the individual balcony tiles.
  • Heavy or light plastic that ranges from the visual appearance of stone tiles to light metal grids.

Unrivaled value for money

The standard dimensions are square balcony tiles with side dimensions of 15, thirty and forty centimeters. While the simplest corrugated PVC balcony tiles are offered for unit prices from five euros, high-quality vinyl plastics, from which wood imitations or heavy solid plastic panels are made, can cost up to ten euros each.

Tips & Tricks The more rubber granulate there is in the plastic, the more foot-friendly it will feel and the weight of the balcony tiles increases. Special plastic mixtures of heavy quality increase the resistance to impact loads, weather influences and temperature fluctuations.