Inexpensive and easy to assemble: a gutter made of plastic

The cheapest gutters are made of plastic and can be used in many ways. However, they have a shorter lifespan than metal gutters and there are upper load limits with regard to the amount of water that they can absorb. They are particularly suitable for smaller roofs and drainage areas such as balconies and garden houses.

Properties and suitability

Manufacturers of plastic gutters mainly point out the corrosion resistance of their products to metal gutters. Also the durability of modern plastics, the dimensional stability and weather resistance as simple editing are set out.

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Is correct that modern plastics are very durable and resistant, but in any case, they must assume that plastic gutters are inferior to metal products in stability, resilience and service life.

While metal gutters are designed for lifetimes at too forty years, life expectancy in plastic products is five to ten years, which is often reflected in the warranty and warranty conditions of the provider.

Limited durability and stability

For smaller construction projects or buildings or extensions such as balconies or garden houses, gutters made of plastic are particularly suitable, as good maintenance and the manageable exposure to weather conditions or precipitation can increase the service life.

When gutters made of plastic are installed on large and difficult-to-reach roofs of single or multi-family houses, additional fastenings, mostly made of metal, often have to be attached for the purpose of stability.

Most plastic gutter manufacturers and suppliers specialize in products for garden houses, gazebos and balconies. The gutters are often offered as sets with downpipes, drain nozzles and other accessories and are priced far below the gutters and accessories made of metal.

Price per set or per running meter

Plastic gutters are sometimes offered for a few euros per meter. Most suppliers carry their products in the standard colors gray, black, white and anthracite.

  • The gutter offers complete sets for different roof shapes in garden houses between 29.99 and 249.99 euros per set.
  • With, half-round gutters in gray are available for around seven euros per running meter.
  • At hoba building, semicircular PVC gutters are offered between around 15 and almost twenty euros per three-meter piece.
Tips & Tricks The plastic gutters are usually just plugged in and sealed with plastic adhesive, which is much easier for the do-it-yourselfer to do than soldering the gutter elements.