Procrastination: 6 ingenious ways out of procrastination

Unfortunately, there is always some reason to postpone things. Welcome to the world of procrastination! Here are a few tips that will finally help against it.

Procrastination? Most of us are probably familiar with what sounds so strange: Imagine the following scenario: a long to-do list and a level of motivation that tends to zero. The first thought is: Now quickly hook your weaker self and run away inconspicuously. The work can still be done later. Just take a short breath. Another quick coffee. Doesn't everything run away...
This phenomenon, which almost everyone is familiar with, bears the complicated name procrastination. Which means something like "procrastination " (procrastination from Latin pro = for and cras = tomorrow). And indeed, many people suffer from it.
The bad thing about it: Due to the constant procrastination or. Procrastinating makes you feel guilty all the time. So procrastination can really become a problem and stress factor. Because at the very last minute and under great time pressure, the annoying things have to be done after all. And that costs a lot of nerves.

Procrastination makes us cleaning devils

One tries to alleviate the guilty conscience with the most absurd substitute employment: The student who actually has to write his thesis and suddenly cleans the windows like mad. Or the employee whose mailbox is overflowing and who instead tidies up her office first. Well, did you recognize yourself in this behavior?? My apartment was never as clean as it was when I graduated from university.
One becomes incredibly inventive just not to have to start the unpopular task. You're trapped in the pressure you put on yourself and somehow paralyzed when it comes to certain tasks and tasks. Everything could be so simple. Because you have to do the stuff anyway. So instead of just getting things done quickly, you're just adding extra stress and having a bad time.
We'll tell you here what helps against the common procrastination that makes life difficult for us every day! Because you can learn not to put off so much anymore.

Combat procrastination: 6 tips that really make a difference

As is so often the case, insight is the first step towards improvement. So put your blinkers down!

Anti-procrastination tip 1: declutter life

Anyone who is drowning in a mountain of work, is under stress and cannot see any light at the end of the tunnel and that constantly and uninterruptedly, should simply take a break. Distance yourself, drive away for a few days and then see clearly from a distance what the problem is. There aren't many everyday things that suddenly seem dispensable and maybe even completely nonsensical?
Clear out your life when you feel like you're constantly faced with a mountain of tasks. A mountain that is paralyzed. Question the to-dos that are constantly stressing about their purpose and urgency. Don't be afraid to use the red pencil in your everyday life. You should approach the things, goals, to-dos that are left over in a structured and consistent manner.

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Anti-procrastination tip 2: Set fixed dates

The sun is shining right now? Your legs are too tired? The bed too warm? The cleaning bucket disappeared? Don't wait for the "perfect " moment. Do the urgent tasks here and now. Then you have them out of your head and are free to do nicer things. Give yourself a jerk!
Things that are not too urgent should have a permanent place in the appointment calendar. No, we don't mean "soon " or "tomorrow ", but an appointment like "tomorrow, 3 p.m. ". In this way you avoid having to do things at the last minute and constantly walking around with a guilty conscience. If you manage to change your behavior and stop running away from certain tasks, you will feel a lot better.

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Anti-procrastination tip 3: reward yourself

Break down annoying tasks into small bites. A huge mountain of to-dos scares everyone off. Create subtasks that can be completed quickly. Then it is also easier to overcome yourself. And when you've done your job, there's a little reward to keep you going. With the prospect of something beautiful, the weaker self can be fought with success.

So: do the tax return, then nibble on chocolate. Scrub the hallway, then arrange the date with your loved one. This is how it should go.

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Anti-procrastination tip 4: spend time with active friends

Spend your time with people who are active. Couch-Potatos are certainly lovable contemporaries, but in the long run they have a paralyzing effect. One or two good friends who can really get you going are worth gold. Cinema is too exhausting? Jogging in the rain is stupid? The bar is in the other part of the city and therefore too far away? Your friends will cough something for you. From now on it's motto: Get out into life!

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Anti-procrastination tip 5: Recognize and avoid time wasters on the internet

Recognize your online time wasters. Remove the bookmarks in your browser that are holding you back from work. Facebook, email program, Instagram and shopping sites - get rid of them. Hand on heart: Emails and status messages don't have to be checked every ten minutes. This is not about urgent matters, but about a few social networks and sites that try to seduce us into wrecking our money.
Therefore: try to surf the web more specifically and less. Then you not only have time for the annoying tasks, but also for the beautiful things in life.