Quiche without dough: This recipe without flour is made in a flash!",

You're looking for a quick and easy recipe for after work? Then try our quiche without dough. Also perfect for everyone who is running out of flour.

After work comes the desire to eat something delicious. But at least they want to cook lavishly. And ordering every evening is also out of the question. The solution to the dilemma: lightning-fast after-work recipes! Quiches without dough also belong in this category.
We'll tell you what you need for it and how you can easily make hearty food from the oven yourself - even without flour!

Make your own quiche without dough: easy recipe

Those who like to eat quiches, but have not dared to try the hearty pastries with shortcrust pastry, will love our variant. Because the recipe works completely without dough. This not only saves a lot of time, but also saves valuable ingredients, such as flour, which has been in short supply for a few weeks.
For our quiche recipe without a base you only need two tablespoons of flour. If you don't have one in the house anymore, you can replace the flour with potato starch, then it's gluten free too.
You need:
3 eggs
250 ml milk
2 tbsp flour or potato starch
100 ml of cream
100 g of grated cheese
4 slices of cooked ham
some butter for greasing
That's how it works:
Preheat the oven to 200 degrees and grease a quiche pan (available here on Amazon *) with plenty of butter - alternatively, a 28cm springform pan is also possible. Then cut the ham into small pieces. Now put all the ingredients except the ham in a bowl and stir well. Pour the mixture into the greased dish and finally sprinkle the ham over it. Bake the whole thing for 30 minutes at 200 degrees, until the quiche is nice and golden brown. A crunchy salad goes perfectly with it!
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Delicious recipe in the video: quiche with salmon

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Modifying quiche without dough: Delicious veggie options

You are looking for a veggie alternative to quiche without dough and flour? Then just leave out the ham. Instead, you can, for example, cut carrots into fine slices and add them to the mass. Fresh baby spinach leaves also taste great in the quick quiche. You can top the spinach quiche with feta cubes, for example.
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With your vegetarian variant, make sure that you use vegetables that are not too watery. Otherwise, you run the risk of the quiche becoming too soft. Instead of fresh tomatoes, for example, you can use chopped dried tomatoes. With basil leaves and mozzarella, your bottomless quiche gets an Italian touch.
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