Guide for parquet in plank look

A parquet with a plank look can consist of both a multilayer structure and solid wood. Some laminates imitate the appearance of floorboards, which relates their character, especially from their enormous longitudinally measures and the corresponding joints.

Legient and flooring width decide

The main character train at the floorplace optics is the generosity that is awarded to a room. Therefore, the bulk parquet is especially recommended in large rooms. Depending on the laying direction of the planks, the optical effect of the room can be reinforced wider, longer or lower.

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For elongated spaces such as corridors or corridors, the floorplace look is a special function. Cross-relocated parquet can mitigate the "hose shape ", while elongated parquet can enhance this effect.

The psychological effect of the floorboard look should not be underestimated. Parquet laid across the running direction can have a blocking effect, parquet laid lengthways can give the room an infinite depth. Optical simulations should be used here, if possible, before deciding on the direction of the course.

In addition to the direction of laying, the width of the individual boards influences the overall look. In principle, wider planks fit into larger rooms and narrower products look more suitable in smaller rooms. However, especially in borderline cases, with the sensitive selection of the width between the joints, you can use the plank look to help the overall effect of the room.

A wide plank look on the parquet of somewhat smaller rooms can make the overall visual impression appear larger if the width of the individual elements is not chosen too large. Narrower board widths have a stronger "leading" effect and, if the board optics run in an unharmonious direction, cause a very restless room atmosphere.

Dark colors look more subtle

Dark woods and surfaces dominate the look of a parquet much less. If you have to make compromises due to structural conditions, if in doubt, check the extent to which the color of the plank changes.

Tips & Tricks Try out your parquet in a plank look beforehand. You can do this with the help of simulation programs on the websites of many manufacturers or furnishing portals. Samples with a number of boards of five or more are used for a test display and assessment. If necessary, you can also use simple wooden slats or cardboard strips to test the influence of the later floorboard look.