Repair the woodchip wallpaper correctly

Woodchip wallpaper is very frugal, which is particularly evident when repairs to damaged areas are necessary. With little effort, a nearly invisible optical correction can be made using different procedures. Only possible color differences pose a challenge.

Types of damage

There can be various types of damage to a woodchip wallpaper, all of which can be repaired with relatively little effort. Holes and deep dents are filled with a special liquid repair plaster from the tube. Optical repairs can be carried out via this.

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In the case of extensive damage such as tearing or tears, installing a new piece of wallpaper is usually the best way to go. While repairs to white woodchip can often be optically adjusted, walls painted in color are more difficult to repair.

Ready-made products and home remedies

In addition to professional ready-to-use repair kits, which are mostly made on a plaster basis, there are liquid woodchip as a finished product. However, many people choose tried and tested "home remedies" to repair their woodchip wallpaper. These include chalk, small animal litter, wood flour and flour paste.

In many cases, it is sufficient to simply paint over the damaged areas in the case of minor damage. The rough surface structure of the woodchip wallpaper can be optically imitated by dabbing on the paint during the last stroke.

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Skilfully repairing woodchip wallpaper

  • Liquid plaster as a filler
  • Replacement wallpaper
  • paste
  • Small animal litter or wood flour or
  • Liquid gray fiber as a finished product
  • chalk
  • Cutter or wallpaper knife
  • Paste brush
  • Mixing bowl for paste
  • spatula

1. cut out

In the case of clearly visible and larger mechanical damage to the woodchip wallpaper, it is easiest to cut out a square or rectangular area around the damaged area. By soaking, the piece of wallpaper can be lifted off or scratched off with the spatula.

2. Mix the paste

Wallpaper paste can be mixed with wood flour or small animal litter to create a repair paste similar to the structure of woodchip. When using replacement wallpaper, mix the paste in the usual way.

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3. repair damage

Brush an equal raffle piece with paste and place in the cutaway area or pass the enriched lane uniformly.

4. Optically after edit

In white rougher with the chalk, the edges of the repaired site are equal to the surrounding area. Possibly visible bumper edges by overlining "invisible ". Color differences can only be compensated by completely new paper.

Tips & Tricks Always lift yourself when you paint a back fiber wallpaper colored, on a color test you can use later for repair.