Terraced house or detached house?

When choosing a new house there are numerous possibilities, which is why the decision for many people is becoming increasingly difficult. This article compares the terraced house with the detached house, clarifies advantages and disadvantages of both types of houses and answers the question in which house you live cheaper.

Economic and reasonable: the terraced house

If it's about the costs, the terraced house is usually cheaper than the detached detached house: not only smaller purchase prices, but also cheaper secondary or. Heating costs are the reason for many people to decide for the terraced house. While most detached houses are rather outlined, you can find centrally located properties as a prospect of a terraced house; a clear advantage.

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But apart from the cost point, the terraced house offers clear disadvantages: if the insulation is not excellent, the direct neighborhood for disturbing sound transmission ensures. Even when living comfort, terraced house residents often have to make compromises: Due to the mostly smaller width, corridors, staircases and sometimes living rooms are slim cut.

The detached house: highest living comfort

The detached house usually looks the other way around: While living comfort and privacy leave nothing to be desired, the cost of purchasing and operation are more expensive than at the terraced house. Since they are separated by mostly sufficient distance from the neighborhood, they have no problems with disturbing noises. In addition, detached houses are mostly more generous than terraced houses, which makes it particularly noticeable on the property: garden and front garden are large, while there is enough space for a carport or a terrace.

As already mentioned, you need to raise more money at the detached house: Not only the purchase is more expensive because of the size of the house and the associated property more expensive, but also the operation: the only insulation is the outer wall itself, no adjoining houses reduce the operating costs.

So you see: Both house types offer clear advantages and disadvantages. While the terraced house is mainly economical, the detached house in some areas ensures better living quality.

Tips & Tricks On the Internet you have countless opportunities to compare the prices of houses. So you get quickly and easily an overview of the differences between the series and detached house, which concerns costs and equipment.