How to clean the washing machine hose

Washing machine hoses have to transport a lot - in addition to the water, lime and dirt flow through them. Occasional cleaning does not do any harm, about one to three times a year, depending on how often the machine is in operation.

Clean the washing machine hose

The washing machine hoses should be rinsed with hot water or, if the dirt on the inside is more stubborn, soak them in water containing detergent overnight. This also dissolves grease that is mainly stuck in the drainage hose. How to prevent constipation.

However, it is better not to use harsh detergents so that the soft hose material is not damaged (the same applies to the inside of the washing machine, by the way). You can use citric acid to remove lime. But wash them after approx. 10 minutes again thoroughly.

To clean the hoses, you need to remove them.

Remove the washing machine hose

First remove the inlet hose. It's very easy, because both ends are equipped with union nuts that are screwed onto a thread. In most cases the nut can simply be twisted off. If the hose does not come off, use water pump pliers.

Removing the drain hose is a little more complicated. Unfortunately, however, this one particularly needs cleaning. You can unscrew one end as well as the inlet hose, maybe it is also secured with a clamp, then you need a flat-bladed screwdriver.

Then you need to remove the hose from the pump in the device. To do this, open the rear wall of the washing machine. Then you will see the pump and the hose. The hose is usually secured with a metal ring, the ends of which you press together with pliers so that the ring expands and you can remove the hose. After cleaning, assemble the hose in the same way: you push the ring over the hose, then the hose onto the nozzle on the pump. Then press the ring ends together and push the ring on the hose over the neck.