How to properly clean your synthetic leather couch

A sofa made of synthetic leather makes a really nice visual impression - and the best thing about it: animals remain undisturbed! However, the good piece needs some maintenance to stay in good shape over the long term. Always proceed carefully when cleaning your synthetic leather couch and use gentle agents so as not to damage the surface.

These tools are suitable for cleaning synthetic leather

Utilization of aids
Kitchen towels quick cleaning in emergencies
Vacuum cleaner with upholstery nozzle gentle suction of solids
soft rag for wiping with a damp cloth
Washing-up liquid (colorless) for dissolving fats
Artificial leather balm for refreshing the colors and for impregnation
Throw made of fabric to protect against contamination
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As you can see: your synthetic leather sofa normally hardly needs any special care products, just normal household items to keep it clean. The imitation leather balm alone stands out from the list; it gives the couch a lasting, effective impregnation.

How often should I clean my leatherette couch??

Dust collects quickly on synthetic leather surfaces, which is why we recommend vacuuming the sofa once a week when cleaning the apartment and wiping it with a damp cloth. You should of course remove fresh stains as soon as they appear.

Impregnation with artificial leather balm is not that often: just look at the instructions for use of your product to find out at which intervals a treatment is necessary. Usually the interval is several weeks. How to use the balm:

  • First vacuum the synthetic leather sofa thoroughly.
  • Slightly dampen a soft cloth.
  • Put the artificial leather balm on top.
  • Work in the balm using circular motions.
  • Use a kitchen towel to remove excess material.
  • Treat indentations with a soft leather brush.

In any case, please observe the instructions for use of the product you are using, which may contain different information. In most cases, however, our instructions should apply.

Wet wipes as a secret weapon against stains

Stubborn stains are often relatively easy to remove with baby wipes. In any case, it doesn't do any harm if such a pack is always ready to be ready for use in an emergency. You may have to let the stain soak a little under the cloth first.

Tips & Tricks If possible, do not place your synthetic leather sofa in direct sunlight, or protect it against UV radiation with blankets and pillows. Otherwise the surface could fade all too quickly!