Travel trends 2021: This is how we will travel when we travel again

Corona changed the world. Keeping your distance, wearing a mask, social distancing - it all seems quite normal by now. And the way we travel (when we travel) has also changed a lot as a result of the pandemic. Here's what travel will look like in 2021.

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The corona pandemic is not yet over this year either. The vaccinations against the virus have started, but it is still important to keep your distance and stay at home as often as possible.
One thing is certain: Corona has turned the world upside down. The tourism and travel industry, which hit the Covid 19 pandemic particularly hard, is also feeling this. Spontaneous vacation, flying away for the weekend, exploring distant countries - all of this is almost impossible for most of us at the moment.
A current study by Skyscanner shows that the pandemic will still have a significant impact on Germans' travel planning in 2021. Nevertheless, Germans have a great desire to travel: 96 percent of those surveyed * want to travel this year. But what exactly does travel look like in 2021?? We'll tell you the travel trends and what is particularly important to travelers now.

Travel trend 1: Travel in your own country

As great as the longing for exotic and distant countries is, most of them should be aware that long-distance travel could be difficult this year as well. There are still too many closed borders and entry restrictions for that. In addition, the uncertainty that the pandemic and air travel bring with it will still be too great for many in 2021.

The travel radius is shrinking and holidays in Germany will remain popular this year as well. This trend is also confirmed by the travel portal "Skyscanner ", which was able to determine an increasing interest in home vacations in search requests.
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Travel trend 2: small towns instead of metropolises with a million inhabitants

Travel to big cities will always remain popular. But this year mainly small towns and vacation spots away from big cities are coming to the fore. No wonder, because the need for space and security that has accompanied us since the beginning of the pandemic is enormous, even when traveling.
While many metropolises with millions of inhabitants are considered risk areas and mean a high risk of infection, small towns can usually be discovered completely Corona-compliant and away from the hustle and bustle.

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Travel trend 3: Vacation in nature

Vacation in nature is also one of the biggest trends for 2021. The corona pandemic has had a lasting impact on people. While quarantine and social distancing initially felt like forced isolation, the need for loneliness, distance, being offline and quiet now seems to have grown. And where is that better than in nature??

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Travel trend 4: Sustainable travel

Better environmental awareness is a big issue around the world right now. Sustainable travel without harming the environment or the locals is also playing an increasingly important role.
So-called soft tourism is not about giving up everything, but rather about making the holiday sustainable and taking responsibility for the country and its people. Be it to support local providers, to book accommodations outside of all-inclusive offers, to avoid tourist attractions with animals or to protect the local nature.

Travel trend 5: workations

Workations are currently the trend. But what exactly is behind the relatively new development? The term workation is a combination of work (dt. Work) and Vacation (Ger. Vacation). Means: people travel to a place and work from there. After work, the new surroundings are then explored.
Due to the corona pandemic, many people are no longer tied to traditional offices and work from home. Where the "Home " is is of secondary importance. In addition, traditional working methods have changed. Meetings and conferences no longer take place in person, but only online anyway and can therefore be attended from anywhere in the world. The only requirement is a good internet connection.

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Travel trend 6: last minute bookings

While Germans preferred to book their vacation months in advance before the pandemic, last-minute bookings are currently the trend. In times when travel restrictions change from week to week, borders are closed and flights do not take place, it is difficult to predict where and whether a vacation will be possible at all.
Due to the unpredictable impact of the pandemic on travel plans, travelers prefer to play it safe this year and want to book their vacation as quickly as possible. But not only last-minute trips are among the top travel trends in 2021. Flights, hotel and rental car options with flexible cancellation and rebooking options are also particularly important this year.

Travel trend 7: travel by car

Many people still shy away from air travel this year. The uncertainty that the booked flights will actually take place is too great and the fear of possible infection is too great. While air travel is currently experiencing a decline, car travel in particular is booming this year.
In times of Corona, the car offers many advantages over public transport: There is no risk of infection from other travelers, you are independent and can react flexibly to changed situations. Also in trend in 2021: vacation with the motorhome or van.

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Travel trend 8: vacation homes instead of hotels

The virus has also changed a lot as far as the type of accommodation is concerned. This year, travelers prefer a holiday in their own holiday home or apartment instead of the classic hotel booking. This trend is particularly noticeable among younger travelers and couples without children, who mostly rarely spent their vacation in a holiday home before the pandemic.
The reason for this development: People currently feel safer in a holiday apartment and can enjoy their vacation without any other guests.

Travel trend 9: Travel less

Despite the pandemic, people's desire to travel is still great, but travel behavior has changed enormously. Overall, Germans want to travel less this year: It should be a big vacation that can last two to three weeks, while many short short trips take a back seat in 2021.

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