Rice water for long hair: a real beauty miracle cure?

Rice water is THE insider tip for beautiful, long hair. It is said to make the hair supple, repair the hair structure and even protect against hair loss. We reveal how it works.

Many of us dream of healthy, full and, above all, long hair. But often it is not that easy to get long hair. If we do not care for them properly and do not regularly part with broken tips, the hair threatens to break off and the dream of long hair is shattered.
But now a new beauty tip is making the rounds: Allegedly, rice water is said to be a miracle cure for long hair. We reveal where this tradition comes from and how you can easily use the tonic yourself at home.

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Rice water for long hair: where does the trend come from?

The rice water trick originally comes from southern China. Especially women of the so-called Miao tribe are known there for their long hair. The village of Huangluo is even in the Guinness Book of Records.
Incredible, but true: some of the women here have manes up to two meters long. But even if you don't want to wear yours that long, you can definitely take something from women to get your hair longer.
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Rice water for long hair: instructions

We actually throw away the water after we've cooked rice in it. If you want long hair, you shouldn't do that next time. After you've cooked the rice in it, pour the rice water into another bowl. Leave the milky liquid for two days stand. It should then be slightly sour.
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How to use rice water for long hair correctly:
Step 1:
Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo.
Step 2: Pour rice water over your hair (over a sink or bathtub)
Step 3: Massage rice water well into your hair
Step 4: For at least Work in for 5 to 10 minutes to let.
Step 5: Rinse hair thoroughly.
For an even better effect, simply let the hair air-dry and do not rinse the rice water out of the hair.
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Important! Even if it doesn't sound particularly appetizing. You should definitely let the rice water sit for a few days before putting it on your hair. Only then do the important antioxidants and minerals that are good for your mane form. Rice water also contains rice proteins and vitamins B and E. The vitamin B in particular is supposed to ensure that your hair is repaired and can even prevent hair loss.
Effect of rice water at a glance:
1. more volume
2. strengthens the hair structure
3. protects against hair loss
4th. makes the hair supple
5. healthy scalp
6th. stimulates hair growth

Many beauty products contain rice water

You are not at all a fan of putting supposed waste products in your hair and are more into beauty products with delicious, fresh scents? No problem. Meanwhile, many beauty companies have recognized the miracle effect of rice water and use it in their products.
A very popular conditioner with rice water is the "Rice & Wheat Volumizing Conditioning Rinse " from Kiehl 's (here at Douglas).* From the same hair care range with rice water there is also a hair shampoo that is supposed to strengthen the hair (here at Douglas).*

A slightly cheaper hair shampoo with rice water is available from Rituals. It is from the series "Sakura " and smells wonderfully fresh of cherry blossom (here at Douglas).* The hair care product is intended to strengthen the hair structure.