Repair of window fittings

Windows are opened, closed and tilted using mechanical components, the fittings. Like all mechanical components, window fittings also require maintenance and care. If this is neglected, the window fitting needs to be repaired. But that is not always unproblematic.

The structure of a window

A window consists of many individual parts. These can be divided into the components that make up the actual window and the components that are required to make the window functional, i.e. to open, close and tilt. This includes the following parts:

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  • Corner bearings (including ribbon windows)
  • Scissor bearings
  • Striking plates
  • Locking pin
  • Window handle with gear

Branded window or cheap no-name product

When repairing window fittings, the first thing that matters is whether it is a branded window or a no-name product from the hardware store. The problem: there are no regulations or standards that would require the fittings to be standardized. In principle, every window manufacturer can implement his own systems.

Window handle, locking pin and striking plate

The window handle is still the least problematic fitting. Many window handles fit different windows. With branded windows, the locking pins and striking plates are not really a problem either. They can be exchanged effortlessly. Exceptions are security windows that have more and special locking pins.

Corner and scissor bearings, ribbon windows

With the scissor bearings it gets more special. Many window manufacturers have their own designs here. So simply buying a new one and exchanging it is not possible. Corner bearings and ribbon windows are also affected. If it's not branded windows, things get difficult. If possible, you should find out which products they are using when ordering the new windows from the local window manufacturer.

The availability of replacement window fittings

Ultimately, however, you can also run into another obstacle when repairing a window fitting. When window fittings break, the windows are usually old enough. Your window manufacturer will therefore not have the necessary fittings in stock. The window manufacturer can order these from the manufacturer, but it is not uncommon for a small quantity surcharge to be added to the purchase price. The window fitting can therefore be disproportionately expensive.

On the other hand, window fittings are not among the components that regularly have defects. With appropriate maintenance such as lubricating the window and performing other maintenance work, defective window fittings are rather rare. The more windows you have, however, the greater the likelihood of damage that needs to be repaired.

Take precautions to repair cheaply later

In this case, we recommend that you order a spare window fitting set when purchasing the window. If a window fitting needs to be repaired many years later, you have the spare parts to hand immediately and the purchase price was also relatively low.

Tips & Tricks There are now suppliers who specialize in repair kits for window fittings. So you can purchase complete repair kits. These repair kits are not tied to a hardware manufacturer. However, they can be selected according to the manufacturer of your windows. Ultimately, it is also important here that you have installed branded windows. Otherwise, repairing the window fittings is not very easy here either.