Rescue in need: the help of a stranger gives this single mom hope

This story proves anew that sometimes the small good deeds have the greatest impact.

Tawny Nelson from Florida is a single mother of four little girls - the youngest is just 6 weeks old - and is going through a difficult time. She has no family to support her, money is scarce and her car, which she relies on in everyday life, is almost completely broken. Nevertheless, she recently dared a trip to the supermarket - after all, she has to look after her little ones.

But when Tawny comes out of the supermarket with her girls, loads the shopping and wants to drive off, her truck does not start. In a post shared by moderator Frank Somerville on his Facebook page, the mother writes: "One of my girls accidentally left a light on. The battery was dead. My cell phone didn't work either."

For two hours, the young mother tries desperately to ask people for help. They get rid of over 20 people and don't want to help. "My 5-year-old was on her nerve. My newborn baby was crying, my 2 year old was crying because she was hungry, and my elders were desperate to help. I cried like a castle dog and felt like the worst mother ever, "says Tawny, describing the experience.

Then suddenly the rescue appears - in the form of a 74-year-old man with a walking stick. He gives the mother food and water to take care of her little ones and says: "Take care of your little ones and yourself, young lady. A tow truck is on the way and my wife will be here soon to take you home.No sooner said than done, Tawny and her girls will be brought home safely.

But that's not all: the next morning the gentleman appears again at Tawny's front door with a mechanic who repairs the family's truck. After the older man leaves and Tawny tries to pay the mechanic, the next surprise comes. "When I asked the mechanic what I owed him, he explained to me with a smile that the older man had already paid for everything," said the mother on Facebook. "He said the only payment the Lord wanted was that I would never give up and always be such a great mother."

Tawny is moved to tears and can hardly express her gratitude in words. She concludes: "Without knowing our situation, this nice man helped us more than he could ever suspect. He gave me hope back when I was down. (...) I'll never be able to thank him. But I hope one day I can do for someone else what they did for me."

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