Annoying: The washing machine hose does not come off!

You want to change the washing machine hose and cannot remove it? Then you may need. some aids. But it should be possible. Here you can read what the problem might be.

Fixing the hose

A washing machine has two hoses: an inlet hose and a drain hose. One end of the drain hose is in the washing machine, it is usually not dismantled. Connect the other end to the sewer connection on the wall. The inlet hose of the washing machine is initially loose. You attach it to the washing machine and to the tap in the wall before starting it up. Both hoses have so-called union nuts that are screwed onto a thread.

Remove the hoses

To remove the hoses from the connections, all you have to do is open the union nuts by turning them counterclockwise. Normally the union nuts are made of plastic, sometimes of metal. This could be the problem.

Possibly. the drain hose was installed with a clamp on the pipe branch above the siphon of a wash basin. Then you need a screwdriver to disassemble.

The hose cannot be removed?

If the hose cannot be removed, the union nuts may have been screwed too tight, clogged or, in the case of metal ones, corroded. This can happen because water is transported through the hoses, and even dirty water through the drainage hose. If the hose is not removed for a long time, mucus can settle on the nut and block it. A metal union nut shouldn't corrode if the galvanization is damaged, but it still happens sometimes.

In both cases, you take a pair of water pump pliers and try to loosen the nuts with them. You have a lot more strength with the pliers than with your bare hands. If the nut still does not move, use a lubricant such as WD-40 or silicone oil. You spray the agent into the thread as far as possible and wait a few minutes. Then try again with the pliers to loosen the nut. So it should work. If the drain hose is attached with a clamp and it is rusty, spray it with WD-40 as well.