Topping-out ceremony - old custom with many fixed rules

When the shell is in place, the topping-out ceremony is held. That is traditional, and today there is practically no deviation from it. Everything you need to know about the topping-out ceremony as a builder and what is the custom here can be found in this article.

Many customs go back to the Middle Ages

The most important - and widely visible - custom is the topping-out crown, the topping-out wreath or the topping-out tree. Which of these you choose is usually up to you, but in many areas certain alternatives are traditional.

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You can also tie a topping-out wreath yourself if you are a little skillful, but you can also easily have it made. It is then attached to the roof by the carpenters.

As the client, you also have to give a speech - you should definitely prepare it well. You cannot avoid having a topping-out meal afterwards either.

The most important customs at the topping-out ceremony

  • hammer in the last nail
  • the straightening tree
  • the topping-out meal
  • the topping-out speech, in which the glass is thrown from the roof and should not remain intact if possible

Other local customs

Depending on the area, the customs differ slightly, in some places very old and traditional customs are still maintained, some of which go back to the early Middle Ages.

By the way, don't be surprised when the carpenters arrive in very festive clothes - that is simply part of the tradition-conscious carpentry trade.

The carpenter's gossip, the so-called scaffolding song, is still performed today by carpenters in many areas. If this is also your custom, you should create a corresponding opportunity at the topping-out ceremony.

It is customary to invite not only all the craftsmen involved to the topping-out ceremony, but also everyone who helped on the construction site during the shell construction. You should always invite your neighbors, with friends and relatives that is up to you.

Tips & Tricks Sometimes there is no roof structure in modern houses - but a "ceiling celebration " is also the custom here. Then simply consider together with the carpenters where you as the building owner and client are best to hammer your last nail.