Topping-out ceremony - the process

The topping-out ceremony is a custom that is still nowhere to be waived. As a client, however, you should know about the basic procedure of a topping-out ceremony. So that you can orient yourself here, you will find all the important information in this post.

The topping-out ceremony means the completion of the shell

When the shell construction phase is finished, the topping-out ceremony is usually held - usually when the roof structure has been erected. This is the case in the entire German-speaking area, in many countries there are quite similar customs.

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The roots of the topping-out ceremony go back to the Middle Ages and some carpentry customs - even today the carpentry trade is still a very traditional craft, so much of the topping-out ceremony has remained unchanged for centuries.

As a builder, you should know the most important customs. In addition to the topping-out tree or topping-out wreath, this also includes the topping-out speech, topping-out feast and topping-out gifts, as well as hammering in the last nail.

The process in detail

First a topping-out wreath - or a topping-out crown - should be tied or procured. The carpenters then assemble them on the roof.

A very important part is the carpenter's saying or judgment, which is held with a traditional glass of wine, at the end of which the wine glass is then thrown from the roof. That should bring luck and blessings.

The client then gives a speech in which he thanks the craftsmen and the helpers who helped build the house. Then comes the very traditional part: the client and future landlord hammer in the last nail.

In places where it is particularly traditional - in some rural areas, for example - this is made a little more difficult for the client, and the last rafter into which the nail is to be driven is first hidden, and only given to the client after tough negotiations if he supplies enough beer for the craftsmen.

The topping-out meal is then the cozy get-together of all those involved after the celebrations.

Tips & Tricks Some modern buildings today do not have a roof structure - but they usually also celebrate here, namely the "Ceiling Celebration ".