Topping-out gift - that goes down well!

If you go to a topping-out ceremony, you need a gift. Usually this topping-out gift should be symbolic and bring luck to the client and his family. What is really well received by the hosts today is written here.

Topping-out ceremony, formal or casual

The gift should adapt to the builders. In other words, a very formal gift is sure not to go with the best buddy, who is rather casual, both professionally and privately. It is up to the guest to find the right balance between a formal invitation and a casual party.

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With a high-ranking supervisor, on the other hand, you simply shouldn't allow yourself to be joking. If you want to give him alcohol, it is definitely not a pantyhose, but rather a selected champagne or wine.

Invitation card or spontaneous visit

At the same time, when considering the value of the gift, one should always consider how and whether one was specifically invited. The effort the builder went to to ask for a printed or handwritten invitation to the topping-out ceremony should later be reflected in the value of the gift.

That is why an all-too-valuable gift is not appropriate for a spontaneous topping-out ceremony. After all, there will often be a housewarming party to celebrate in a few weeks. Only the immediate family may appear at the celebration with valuable gifts without an invitation.

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Topping-out gifts

First of all, the advice that you shouldn't burden the poor new landlady with another bouquet of flowers. This money is really better invested in a useful gift or a plant for the garden. Unfortunately, cut flowers tend to show that the giver has not given it any thought.

Otherwise you can give away almost anything that somehow fits into a new house. Of course, it's nice to think about it and not give something away. There are tons of useless gadgets lying around in hardware stores for the occasion. Exactly there you should leave them.

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A builder usually groans under the financial burdens and will value even a small useful gift much better than an expensive but pointless joke gift.


Vouchers are always a good solution, especially since they actually help the new homeowner. The common DIY stores in particular are ideal for purchasing vouchers for the topping-out ceremony. This is the route to be followed if you do not yet know and assess the client very well.

Voucher about help

What builders also always need are helpers that cost nothing. So you can write a voucher and give away the wallpapering of a room. A voluntary window cleaner who does the first cleaning of the new windows will also be well received.

Of course, you should only give away work that you have mastered. There are various other aid vouchers that are always well received. Here are a few suggestions

  • Help with moving
  • Laying laminate
  • Gardening
  • Paving work around the house
  • Fill and sand the plasterboard under the slopes or on the ceiling


Home-made gifts are on the rise again today. They are particularly suitable and usually welcome as a gift for the topping-out ceremony. Whether you are crocheting pot holders or making a suitable house number, the examples are numerous and varied.

Some ideas for homemade gifts

  • Pot holders
  • House number
  • Bird feeder
  • Spice rack

Symbolic gifts

Theoretically, you can't go wrong with the symbolic gifts that have been supposed to bring good luck to builders in their new home for centuries. But on the one hand there is guaranteed to be another guest who will then hand over exactly the same gift.

On the other hand, these gifts are at most a nice addition these days. Otherwise they are just plain boring and off-beat.

  • Decorated brooms
  • Bread and salt
  • horseshoe

Piggy banks

A nice piggy bank, perhaps in the shape of a cute little house, is a nice gift for the topping-out ceremony. Of course, it should already be at least partially filled.

The smaller the sum you want to throw into the pig, the smaller the coins should be, so that it gets a nice big belly and is quite heavy to hand over.

Building material

When it comes to gifts, the surprise factor is always part of the joy. But this is overrated with a topping-out gift, because anyone who speaks to the homeowner can choose a much better gift. So you can give some of the building materials still needed after consultation with the client.

There are countless examples of what you can give the building owner for his building. Here are some of them

  • Insulation material
  • colour
  • Wallpaper
  • Flooring
  • Tiles
  • water tap


You can always use tools once you have your own house. But it should be packaged in a funny way, because the topping-out ceremony is not a serious event.

Depending on how loose the builders are, then a hand circular saw (108,00 € at Amazon *) as deco can wear a pink string tangle with ruffles. But like all gifts that have a benefit, you should first find out if this tool is not already available.

A small list of useful tools for suggestion

  • Swing grinder (72,99 € at Amazon *)
  • Japan
  • Screwdriver set
  • Electric batter
  • Cordless screwdriver


During the last phase of the building, no one comes to take care of his indoor plants. This should therefore give away only when entering. For the topping-out ceremony you first gives plants for the garden. Very good are fruit trees or berry bushes such as raspberries or gooseberries suitable.

  • Fruit trees
  • Berry bushes
  • Hanger
  • Kübeltomaten

Not every nice plant must of course be edible. Rose bushes, cherry laurel and box trees also deserve a place in every garden.

House decoration

There is now an unmanageable range of decorative items for the house. It is nice when these are not only pretty but also useful. If you don't want to ask the builders themselves for good ideas, you should ask your best friends or family.

Clever builders have long since given their families a lot of useful ideas that the family should even reveal. Here is a little inspiration for gifts from the home decoration department

  • House number
  • Doormat
  • Door wreath
  • Mailbox
  • Solar lamps

Ridge decoration

Since the topping-out ceremony revolves around the roof, decorative elements for the roof ridge such as an owl or a weathercock are ideal gifts. For cat lovers, it should of course be a creeping ridge cat that is presented at this festival.


Who is loaded to the topping-out ceremony at a garden lover, should pick up his preferences and to make it nice and perhaps additionally useful things for the garden. The possibilities are almost infinite in all price classes.

Here are some ideas what you can give the garden friend to the topping out

  • Birdhouse
  • Insect hotel
  • Rose bow
  • Bed plates
  • Watering can
  • Rank
  • Bedmaking

Superstition and bad gifts

There are some gifts that should not be handed over on a topping out. A knife set for example is negative, as it cuts the friendship. That says at least the superstition. Even shoes have a detrimental effect, because the recipient would run away.

This makes rubber boots and work or slippers on the topping out not necessarily the best idea. But you can defuse these gifts by having the recipient give you a cent, as payment, so to speak.

Tips & Tricks Unfortunately, there are no clear and unambiguous rules for the value of the gift. You should trust your gut instinct. The better and longer you have known the host, the more precious the gift can be.You should give a new neighbor a gift between ten and 20 euros. It doesn't have to be more. On the other hand, giving away aid vouchers is often much more advantageous among siblings. Working together welds friends and family together even better.