Topping-out ceremony - who should you invite?

The topping-out ceremony marks the end of the shell construction phase and is a traditional and indispensable event. For many, the question arises as to who should usually be invited to the topping-out ceremony, who should be invited - and who else can participate. You will find comprehensive answers to these questions in this article.

Whoever takes part in the topping-out ceremony?

Traditionally, the topping-out ceremony is a custom of the carpenters who are the last to erect the roof structure on a house. When the roof structure is erected, the shell is finished and the topping-out ceremony is celebrated - that's the custom.

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The carpenters are therefore definitely the most important guests at the topping-out ceremony. Mostly they appear in their traditional carpenter's clothes, and then often also give the best of the carpenter's gossip during the topping-out ceremony.

In our part of the world it is also customary to invite all craftsmen and helpers involved in the construction to the topping-out ceremony. In many cases, however, there are always uncertainties - in case of doubt, the answer is always quite simple: whoever has made a contribution should at least also be invited.

The invitation can also be verbal - sending invitations is not common today, especially in rural areas, because you know each other anyway.

Who should definitely be invited

  • the carpenters and all the builders
  • the architect and his team
  • all helpers from the private sphere
  • the neighbors (that makes for good neighborliness)
  • Friends and relatives, or family, even if they didn't help

Topping-out ceremony at the prefabricated house

In the case of prefabricated houses, the topping-out ceremony is often much shorter - because not that many craftsmen were involved. But you can also make a cozy party out of it with friends and relatives.

Tips & Tricks Traditionally, the food is quite simple - sausages and goulash soup are just as good at the topping-out ceremony as grilling a suckling pig. The main thing is that there is enough beer available.