Topping-out speech by the client - what you should say

Quite a few builders break a sweat at the thought of the topping-out speech because they don't really know what to say. Good preparation is gold here - and it also takes away nervousness. You can read here what else you should pay attention to during the topping-out speech.

The traditional speech

The fact that the client speaks a few words on the occasion of the topping-out ceremony is almost as classic as the topping-out ceremony itself. In the past, he also gave the so-called judgment - but this is rarely the case today.

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The most important part of the topping-out speech is a word of thanks to all the craftsmen on the construction site, and to all those who otherwise helped with the erection of the shell or were involved in it.

In any case, you should be careful not to forget anyone in this part of the speech - if you inadvertently remain unmentioned here, you can hold grudges against the client for a long time.

In addition to thanking everyone involved, we should also ask for blessings and happiness for the newly built house, as well as for those who will move into it - or, in the case of public buildings, will go in and out and work in it.

After the speech, the client usually throws the wine glass he is still holding in his hand off the roof. It should break as much as possible - if it stays intact, that's a bad omen and the client is also reviled as a thrower.

What should be included in the topping-out speech

  • Thanks to craftsmen and helpers
  • Wishes for blessings and happiness for the house and the residents
  • Entertaining and funny from the client

And otherwise


In some places it is also common for one of the carpenters to give a "judgment " - in these cases it is usually the carpenter who then throws the glass from the roof. In many areas, however, this old version of the custom is no longer in use today.

A good speech here is exciting, entertaining and funny - and above all, relaxed. Tell about the construction, anecdotes, and funny mishaps that happened during the shell construction phase. And above all: keep it short. That is appreciated.

Tips & Tricks Every successful speech is based on a continuous "red thread ". When you write your speech, pay attention to it.